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It’s wonderful how light and tiny it is! It easily fits into my pumping bag and is very discreet.


I am able to yield more milk with the Enjoye and the internal battery makes it portable and very convenient for moving from room to room.



A Hygeia pump was available for my grandson’s mom to use at home. It worked great and because of it she was able to supplement with her milk and it was only a couple of days to exclusively being at the breast.

Leah C.

Proud grandmother in Indiana

The features that make this stand out are not the things that the average person is going to see right off…the quality and design is really next to none. The highlight is your product guarantee!


Style wise I think it is very compact and “cool” which is a nice change. It is compact without feeling cheap like some of the competitors.


Using the Enjoye helped to double my supply from my old pump giving me plenty of milk for the baby along with a whole deep freezer full!

Melissa L.

Hygeia Enjoye is great! I love it! I have seen an increase in my milk flow, and letdown also comes much faster. With Hygeia Enjoye, it’s so silent I hardly hear anything! No regrets at all!


Mother of Wallis

I bought the Hygeia Enjoye LBI on the recommendation from a friend. Well… not only is it an amazing pump, it mimics the way my baby actually feeds! And the adjustable speed and strength make it easy to find the right feel (and so fast!).

Jamie R.

I love the fact that it is safe to use by multiple mothers without cross-contamination. It is gentle on my breast and it is always effective in starting the letdown process!

Lynn L.

This is by far the BEST breast pump I have ever owned. It is gentle and effective. I have used it at my desk, a ball game, and my house each with amazing results.

Connie P.

The fact that this pump can be recycled and reused by other moms is a huge benefit. In this age of reduce, reuse, recycle, it makes sense to be able to pass it on to someone else, instead of sending it to the landfill.

Jill B.

This pump was amazing!! It worked very gently and always helped me express a lot of milk in a short time.

Tami S.

I originally purchased a manual breast pump and realized that, not only did it make my wrist and hand sore, but it took SO long to get a bottle of milk expressed. This is much faster and a better overall experience.

Jenny C.

It is simple to use in public. I love the gentle hum the pump lets off it is actually soothing to my colicky baby.

Eva V.

I love the fact that it is safe to use by multiple mothers with out cross-contamination. I am looking forward to sharing it with my cousin when I am finished with it!

Gina C.

It is an amazing pump!! Co-workers who no longer have children wish they had one when they were working and nursing!!

Teresa B.

The pump is very durable. It has stood up to daily use including sterilization. My other pumps did not last as long as this one without needing replacement parts.

Laurie T.

This pump is way better then the 2 other pumps I own. The record function helps if I have to be away from baby and pump several times in row – it helps with any mental blocks of not nursing.


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Kudos to Tiffany! Sometimes breastfeeding in public looks like this! "Today I had to go to Walmart for a few things. During the time I was there my little one wanted to nurse. My first thought was to hurry up and shop so I can feed her in the car. But unfortunately today is a very hot day where I live, so I decided to kindly ask the lady if I could use the dressing room to feed my baby. At first I thought she was going to say no, but then she looked at my little one and saw her crying because she was hungry. When she said yes I was relieved. I thanked her for being so nice and fed my little one and then continued shopping. I know it's not out in the open like other mothers but it is for me. I hardly feed my baby in public. Not because I don't want to, I am usually at home taking care of my 5 year old and the house and going to school on top of that, so I have very little time to shop around for long periods of time. So this was a big step for me."

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