Accessories Explanation

After surveying thousands of Hygeia moms, we know the average breastfeeding time for moms with Hygeia pumps is longer than nine months! Our goal is to promote an optimal breastfeeding experience for moms and maintenance is key factor to helping improve that experience.

A critical step is making sure your pump functions properly, which is why the Affordable Care Act has required health plans to cover replacement supplies at no cost to patients. At Hygeia, we recommend replacement supplies to ensure the suction is maintained and all parts are free from bacteria. Depending on your plan, if you are eligible, you will receive 1-3 additional supplies. If you need more, please contact us so we can check with your health plan.

If you do not need supplies, simply contact us at 855-786-7296 or to cancel or ask questions.

You do not need to click this box to order a breast pump.