Olivia Wilde, breastfeeding advocate, announces second pregnancy with adorable son

A favorite celebrity breastfeeding advocate, Olivia Wilde, has just announced the news of her second baby! She and son Otis shared a super-cute baby bump photo on Instagram to share the big news. [Read more here.]

Matching baby bumps. ✌️

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Dad with four daughters has the most hilarious tweets

We love a parent who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and show the raw and real of parenthood! (Because sometimes all you can do is laugh!) This is a classic Buzzfeed compilation of some of his best tweets that will either have you rolling on the floor or just nodding your head saying, “Yep. Been there!”  [Read more here.]

Photos to prove a C-section can be beautiful

Roughly one in three births within the United States is via C-secion. It’s easy to view this a just another medical procedure and less intimate and miraculous than a natural, vaginal birth. This series of photos is a wonderful reminder of the reality of the life-changing moments that come with a C-section delivery. [Read more here.]

Favorite Photo of the Week

Breastfeeding - My Husband and I Share The Load.