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Mom Turns Her Breastfeeding Journey Into Dreamy Drawings

While some people turn to their journal to track thoughts and moments in their life, Joy Hwang turns to her sketch book. Her current journey is that of motherhood and she has begun to share many of her sketches via social media and moms are loving it–particularly her breastfeeding sketches.

“One of the hardest assignments I received as a new mom was to keep my baby alive with my boobs (breastfeed),” Hwang told The Huffington Post. “I’ve always imagined it would come naturally and magically, but it was quite the opposite.” [Read more and see more sketches here.]

Our cuddle nursing is becoming more action packed! ??? I still have all the squishy soft pudginess from the 9month of production and stress eating that followed ? But my baby doesn’t mind, and my husband doesn’t mind (so he says ?) This morning I want to send out little thanks to my postpartum bffs like my @Spanx by @sarablakely that works tirelessly to hold my jiggles together, and super cute pumping/nursing bra from @the_dairyfairy makes my boobs feel like Beyonce ? and soft baby PJ by @burtsbeesus that my baby loves to roll in.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nursingmom #nursingtoddler #postpartum #postpartumclothes #brelfie #normalizebreastfeeding #freethenipple #motherhood #mumlife #mommyblogger #parenthood #momcomic #illustrator #illustration #pumpingmama #pencildrawing #socal #momisdrawing #아기스타그램 #instababy #육아일기 #육아소통 #momlife #mommyandme #instamama #instamom #motherhoodthroughinstagram #parentinglikewhoa #aheadofthecurve #stopcensoringmotherhood

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8 Basic Rules For Talking To Someone Who’s Struggling With Breastfeeding

Labor and delivery may be rough (to say the least), but if you are dedicated to breastfeeding, it can be equally rough–and much more drawn out than delivery. This mom of two struggled in her early days of breastfeeding and knows the pains of a mom who is struggling and not receiving the support needed. She shares her advise on how to talk to a fellow mom who is having trouble with nursing.

“Eventually everything healed and breastfeeding became incredible. Still, the first few weeks were hell, so I know what it’s like to struggle with breastfeeding (twice). So, if someone in your life is in the middle of the breastfeeding game and having a tough time, make sure to remember the following rules when you talk to them about their breastfeeding experience.” [Read more here.]

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Healthy, Energizing Smoothies for Pregnancy 

A pregnant mom once said, “If I’m hungry… It’s too late.” Pregnancy cravings are real, but so is the nausea. Sometimes just the thought of certain foods causes gag reflexes and at the same time, you find yourself constantly hungry. With summer fast approaching, finding the right thing that is both satisfying and healthy for your growing baby can be tricky. Smoothies are a perfect solution. There is a variety of ingredient options, so you can skip the things that turn your stomach and choose the things that hit the spot–all while getting great nutrition. Oh, and let’s not forget the satisfaction of something cool during those hot summer days while packing a bun in the oven. Get some inspiration from these smoothie recipes. [See smoothies here.]

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An Open Letter to the Glucose Test

Oh, the dreaded glucose test in pregnancy. You never get out of it. And you are never safe from its results. You can do everything the same each pregnancy; you can have back-to-back-to-back kids and pass every time with flying colors, but it does not matter. You have to take the darn test the next time, too, and drink the sugar juice. It is not uncommon to overlook a lot of the details when your second or third pregnancy rolls around: no weekly bump pictures, less baby size tracking, and a less-than-perfect nursery. However, this mom urges all moms to not let the glucose test be something you slack off about–even if you want to. Otherwise, you may find yourself in her shoes and having to take it a second time. [Read more here.]




The Duchess Of Cambridge Opens Up About The Loneliness Of Motherhood

No individual can escape the full range of gifts and curses of motherhood. We may love the gifts, but the curses we could do without, but even a princess–or duchess–cannot will them away. The Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, and mother of two youngsters, recently shared her experiences in the loneliness a mother often finds in motherhood.

“It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated, but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through,” [Read more here.]

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9 Parenting Apps We Wish Existed

“There’s an app for that.” Remember when everyone used to say that? Well, the phrase may have run its course, because now we all know there is pretty much an app for everything. However, we are not sure there is an app for each of the suggested ideas on this list, and as mothers, we sure could use some of them! Whether you need a solution to tantrums, identify mystery stains, or have someone (or something) else answer your child’s endless stream of questions, there are so many apps a mom could come up with for someone to create.  [See apps here.]






7 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Say “I Love You”  

Infant babies may not have words to tell us the sweet things going on in their heads, but they love their moms beyond words and they even have nonverbal ways of showing it. This list includes many of the main things you can look forward to seeing from your baby in order to help secure. [Read more here.]



Parents Are Loving This Mom’s Genius Diaper Bag Hack

As a mom, going anywhere has so many extra layers and levels of preparing. There is so much to remember and half of the time you do not even need most of it on your outing–but better safe than sorry. You have learned that lesson. A seasoned mom always has tricks up her sleeve for making these outings run smoother (and lighter)–particularly by knowing how to pack a diaper bag and knowing what to leave behind. Liz Burchiel, an artist known as The Painted Dragon, recently shared how she hacked her empty container of wipes.

“I got the wipes from my baby shower and I liked the box they came in and saved it,” she tells Scary Mommy. “I was using a regular fabric shopping bag that my friend had made for me for my birthday as a diaper bag because, well, it’s really fricken cute, but I kept getting frustrated at the diapers and wipes being all over inside and having to dig them out.” [Read more here.]





Here’s 10 Ways To Teach Your Kids How To Be A Superhero For #NationalSuperheroDay   

Did you know that National Super Hero Day is a thing? Apparently it is now, and it is happening this Friday, Apr. 28. And, as it turns out, the new ‘holiday’ could actually be a great way to teach and instill some good things in your children. While the capes and masks are fun, being a real life superhero involves a whole lot more. This day is a great chance to talk to your little ones about such things.  [Read more here.]

Kids Book Storage Hacks

A child’s growing book collection is both a blessing and a curse. While the blessing side may win out (We love reading!), it can still be frustrating to figure out what to do with the growing pile of books that go everywhere throughout the day. Consider books to be a good problem to have, but check out these book shelf and book storage hacks for making better use of your space. (And not have to get rid of any books!)  [See slideshow here.]