15 gallons of donated breastmilk a hospital record

A Texas mom donated 15 GALLONS of pumped breastmilk and set a new hospital record. Holy cow! (No pun intended!) The mother pumped her heart out while her premie son was in the NICU. [Read more here.]

Bringing home baby #2: Do’s and Don’ts

Worried about the changes baby #2 will bring to your life and the family? Wondering how big brother or sister will handle it? Check out this article for seven excellent pieces of advices. [Read more here.]

Cards Against Humanity for Parents

If you’ve played the traditional version of Cards Against Humanity then you know what a hoot it is. Now just imagine adding the spin of the pains, joys, agonies, ironies and ridiculousness of parenthood into that game. Well someone did. [Read more here.]

Science supports chocolate during pregnancy

Spread the good word, chocolate lovers! Chocolate during pregnancy DOES have its benefits! Antioxidants, magnesium, resveratrol, anti-inflammatory properties and endorphins can all be found in chocolate. Eat up! [Read more here.]

Latest research on breastfeeding during pregnancy & tandem nursing 

Is it safe to try and breastfeed while pregnant? Is it safe to breastfeed multiple children? It can seem like a lot on one mama! The bottom line? In a normal pregnancy it is quite safe to continue nursing while preggo or with two kids.  [Read more here.]

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Electrician Has Nursing Side