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People Are Fascinated By This Video Of Breast Milk Under A Microscope

You probably know breastmilk is pretty incredible stuff. Not only does it completely nourish a newborn baby, but it can act to prevent sickness and disease. It even changes to better support any one particular child’s current needs. However, if you look even closer at breastmilk, you can literally see how incredible the stuff is. Don’t believe us? Then check out Jansen Howard’d video of one single drop of breastmilk under a microscope.

“It’s miraculous and it’s ALIVE tailored to my babies [sic] needs at this moment!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!”

Jansen made the video after wanting to view her breastmilk when her 11-month old was experiencing mild sickness and it quickly went viral.   [Read more here.]



Pope Francis encourages mothers to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel

Pope Francis is again showing his support for the normalize breastfeeding movement. He fully encourages breastfeeding mothers to nurse their children in the Sistine Chapel during ceremonies.

““You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear. Just like the Virgin Mary nursed Jesus.” [Read full story here.]




20 Signs & Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy  

A twin pregnancy can usually be detected in an early ultrasound, but are there other signs of the possibility of a double heartbeat before this? There is no 100% ‘at home’ test, but there are possible indicators as well as factors that make you, the mother, more likely to conceive twins. This article covers what some of those factors are that increase your likelihood of a twin pregnancy, as well as ways of predicting a twin pregnancy even before an ultrasound. Additionally, read to find out some of the symptoms and complications to watch for when growing two babies. [Read more here.]


The best remedies for after birth “exit care”

An expecting first-time mother gets a lot of advice and ‘warnings’ about what life with a new baby will be like. They hear about the sleepless nights, difficulties nursing or dealing with crying. What many moms are not prepared for is the state of their body after delivery and the fact it is in recovery and needs special treatment. Your body has undergone something extreme and your lady parts will be sore and in need of special care in the days following the arrival of your babe.

This article is a thorough list of items that could help with recovery. (It is likely the hospital will supply some to get your started.) But do not let the list scare you. The female body is pretty incredible and bounces back and heals quickly.  [Read more here.]






Labor & Delivery With Your First Kid Vs. Labor & Delivery With Your Second Kid  

It is funny how much can change in your world and perspectives from baby number one to baby number two. It is true that you can never truly understand pregnancy, birth, or parenthood until you are on the ride yourself. Baby number one comes with a lot of prep simply based on research and advice. (That’s all you have to go off of!) With number two? You are not only going in with real life experience on what you are getting into, but you have a giant distraction keeping you from focusing on so much baby prep–your first child! There is only so much time for research and preparation.

If you already have more than one child, you are guaranteed to read this and nod you head in agreement in the difference from your firstborn to second. If you are thinking about baby number two, definitely check out this article for some perspective (and some laughs). [Read more here.]


Infant Was Falling Towards Death Off 30 Ft Bridge, But Mom’s Superhuman Reaction Stuns Rescuers  

A mother’s instincts are incredible. If you don’t believe it, then this story is here to prove it. 23-year-old Jennifer Duncan saved her child’s life in an extreme situation even though her choice to do so was a spilt-second reactionary decision that meant putting her own life at risk. After exiting her car on the side of the road with her 8-month old due to a fender bender, another collision occurred that sent vehicles toward Duncan and her son, knocking them off the bridge.

“As Jennifer and Daniel flew through the air– towards the asphalt 30 feet below– Jennifer wrapped her body around her son, creating a human cocoon, shielding his tiny body from the impending impact.” [Read the whole story here.]





7 Things You Do Every Day That’ll Make Your Baby Smarter Later In Life 

The first year of your baby’s life is a remarkable one on many levels. Their rapid growth is sometimes hard to believe and it is important to keep in mind that the physical changes you witness in your child are only the beginning of the development that takes place in that first year. They are developing mentally at a rapid pace as well. Because of this, you have a greater influence on their future self than you might realize during these early days of life.

“If I’m being completely honest I found it hard (and boring) to interact with my kids when they were infants. After the first few months, however, I started seeing signs that my babies heard me, saw me, and,dare I say, liked me… According to the Healthy Children website, the main way babies learn is when their parents or caregivers interact with them (…) but playing is when babies learn language, object permanence, and problem-solving.”

Find out how you can engage with your baby to put them on the best path possible. [Read more here.]


Best Books for Babies (that don’t always make top 10 lists)

Books are a guaranteed win when it comes to children’s gifts. Probably the hardest part about this gift is choosing a book. Which one to buy? There are obviously lots of classic that every kid should have on his or her shelf. If you are looking to expand the child’s collection to some equally beloved stories that they are less likely to have already, check out this list.  [See books here.]






Breaking Binky: How My Daughter Finally Dropped Her Pacifier Habit 

A major struggle in parenthood is the fact a “quick fix” for a baby or toddler can quickly become a nearly unbreakable bad habit in the future. It’s easy to want to hush a child in their frantic crying or fussing. Pacifiers usually come into play because a parent is looking for a way to soothe a child in a way that does not involve nursing. However, as time progresses and the child grows, one day it hits you that your kiddo is far from a baby and no longer needs said paci. Despite not needing it, though, giving it up usually isn’t something a toddler is up for.

Read the account of one father and his journey with his daughter in breaking her of her pacifier. [Check cheat sheet here.]


7 Top Nursery Rhymes And Their Hidden Meaning 

Becoming a parent means it will all soon come flooding back into your mind–all of the songs, games and nursery rhymes of a life long ago when you were the little one. As a kid, you simply sing along and enjoy the fun. As an adult, though, you might actually pay attention to the words you are reciting and begin to wonder what in the world you have your child listening to.  [Read more here.]