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Dad’s viral video shames those who shame breastfeeding

One thing every breastfeeding mom needs is an amazing breastfeeding support partner. Brock Smith is exactly that for his wife. The dad’s viral video was posted to Breastfeeding Mama Talk’s Facebook page last week.

“As a dad and a husband…I’ve had enough of this asinine argument. D Lauren Smith and I are starting a movement…Just sayin,” he says. “For people to be ignorant enough to harass a mother trying to have a normal life while breastfeeding a child just infuriates us.”

Watch the video yourself here:


All-time favorite breastfeeding hold: reclining position

It can take some time, but trying out different breastfeeding holds with your baby is worth it in order to find the one that is not just best for you, but best for babe as well. You might even find that the hold differs with each child. This mom is a proponent of the reclining position and her series of photos explains why, after 4-5 months with her baby, she tried this position and came to love it most. [Read post here.]


Toddler pretending to breastfeed baby doll gains shocking reaciton

A mom shared to Facebook what she thought (and felt others would feel) was a cute photo of her daughter but it resulted in an unexpected negative reaction. Her daughter is pictured in a shopping cart pretending to breastfeed her baby doll. The mom originally posted the photo to her personal page and woke up to a horrible response from a “friend”.

The anonymous mom sent the photos and a screenshot of the post to the Breastfeeding Mam Talk page, including the “friend’s” comment: “I just saw some of the nastiest shit of my life!! If you’re okay with your daughter lifting up her shirt and putting her baby dolls mouth to her little ‘dots’ pretending to breastfeed then I personally think you need punched in the damn face!!! It’s just simply not okay!!!” Read more here.


The breastfeeding texts mamas send to one another

Every mom needs her circle of mom friends and, if you’re breastfeeding, you need your fellow breastfeeding moms in your speed dial–or in this case, speed text. And when you are a mom, you don’t necessarily get out enough to see and spend time with friends face-to-face. This mom outlines the basic text conversations that get sent back and forth between breastfeeding mom friends on a regular basis.