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A standing ovation to the exclusively pumping mothers

There is plenty of back and forth about breastfeeding and formula feeding, but I think there is one thing we can all agree about: a mom who exclusively pumps to feed her baby takes the cake on mom of the year. The process in no way is convenient or fun and can only be done through tireless commitment day after day. This post is a shout out specifically to the exclusively pumping mothers out there and their dedication.

“The reason this has been on my heart lately is that when I’ve been talking with my mommy friends who exclusively pumped, I sense this twinge of guilt. It’s like they feel as if they aren’t good enough moms because they are using, or had to use, a breast pump to feed their babies breast milk. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and I would like to say that I think you’re more of a mom because you have done what you had to do for your baby. You didn’t give up.” [Read full post.]

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Breastfeeding mom applauds restaurant for treatment 

Katherine Clover shared her personal story of breastfeeding her son in public; something that took her awhile to get used to doing comfortably. When out celebrating her son’s first birthday, she almost chose to pack him up to take home and nurse, a little self-conscious about nursing her “older” son in public. However, she put her child’s need to eat first and was pleasantly surprised by the note left by a stranger praising her actions.

“On a personal level, I felt really touched when I read that note. It’s hard to overemphasize how powerful it can be, as a breastfeeding parent, to not only not be judged but to be outright congratulated for public nursing. It felt like acknowledgment of all the hard work I go through to feed him, work that usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated.” [Read more here.] breastfeeding-note_jwgemp


P!nk shares throwback breastfeeding selfie for World Breastfeeding Month

Musical icon P!nk did her part to support World Breastfeeding Month by sharing a throwback photo on her Instagram account. The shot from 2011 is of P!nk nursing daughter, Willow. The pop singer has spent her time in motherhood being an advocate for breastfeeding and motherhood in general.

“I think breast-feeding is healthy and natural and it’s a comfort to my baby,” she said in a 2012 interview.


23 Celebrity moms who openly breastfeed like it is NBD

It’s not that the rest of us moms need celebrity approval to feel good about breastfeeding, but we cannot complain about public figures helping to normalize breastfeeding in our culture. This slideshow shares 23 celebrity moms who not only breastfeed, but they aren’t afraid to advocate their decision. They share moments and photos on social media, as proud of their role as a mother as the fame they have earned in their career. [See slideshow here.]

23 Celeb Moms Openly Breastfeeding Like It's NBD (Because It's Not) The Stir 2016-08-19 00-34-46


9 Fruits to eat to increase your milk supply

If you thought “eating for two” was important while pregnant, it’s even more important while breastfeeding. What you eat has direct effects on your milk and your milk supply, so getting a steady flow of great nutrients is important. Fruits are always a winning solution, but this list can give you a win-win by boosting your milk supply and adding nutrition to your diet. [See full list here.]