Mother responds to a Facebook breastfeeding attack

If you’ve ever posted a “brelfie” on your favorite social media site (Instagram or Facebook in particular) then you know the battle it can become to keep the photo from being taken down. While scandalous bathing suits and tops seem to fly under the radar no problem, a mom feeding her child raises red flags and usually gets deleted by the site. Maria Corry, who tried five times to post her special moment to Facebook but continued to be reported as “inappropriate”, finally came back with the perfect brelfie to represent the irony in the “inappropriate” view of breastfeeding. She again fed her baby, but this time covered up by holding a photograph of a Victoria’s Secret model decked in a classically sexy bra.

“I bet this won’t be reported, because you can see this picture in every mall you step into, huge and blown up outside the store,” Maria wrote. “This is not frowned upon, or ever reported, as it is seen everywhere. But a women nurturing and feeding their baby is looked down on.”

The photo was not just to settle her own situation, but aimed to spotlight the double standard society, and social media, have when it comes to women’s breasts, particularly in America. Corry hopes the photo inspires other moms to have the courage to proudly nurse without shame or embarrassment.


Mom goes viral when feeding at a wedding

Mom blogger Haddas Ancliffe brought out the big guns in #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement when she chose to not only breastfeed her son at a black tie wedding, but she posted it for the world to see. She shared a photo of the moment on her Instagram account that went viral a few weeks later as voices for public breastfeeding were on the rise in Ancliffe’s home country of Australia. After a mother was kicked out of a food court for her breastfeeding, nursing moms from across the country banded together for support. Read more here about the “Boobs for Babies” rally.

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Breastfeeding in public: “The one thing I hated about breastfeeding”

This mother shares her experience with breastfeeding and her own insecurities when it came to breastfeeding in public, despite the fact she truly loved nursing her baby. Like many mothers, she felt insecure in public settings and worried about how the world was viewing her as she nursed her child–as though the situation was not suitable for breastfeeding. Over time, her eyes were opened to the reality that she was not alone and that a mother and her baby’s place in public was anywhere and everywhere. [Read blog post here.]


Starbucks gives open support to mothers

Starbucks in the U.K. have committed to supporting mothers of babies and young children without judgement by their workers. It’s the first high street chain to back a more parent-friendly approach. The commitment is not simply about workers not shaming mothers with kids present or breastfeeding, but actually supporting them in their efforts to be out and about with their children. The commitment is part of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) which encourages businesses to do more to support parents feeding their children–by breast, bottle or chair. The support will go a long way, especially for the first-time moms who are new to being out in public with their littles.

“We know from our members that many struggle with unwanted attention and comments on their feeding method whether it’s by breast, bottle or in a high chair, when out and about with their baby or child,” said Sarah McMullen, NCT head of research and quality. “It’s important that parents feel reassured they have the support of staff and won’t be judged. We also know that it can be a challenge for establishments to understand and assist with the needs of parents with very young children.”

breastfeeding in public supported by starbucks


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