Hacks to increase milk supply tested and reviewed

This mom ran her own experiment in trying to increase her milk supply through several commonly recommended methods. This blog post reports her results on everything from numerous types of lactation cookies to teas to herbal supplement pills. Best results? The herbal supplements. But if you’re interested in the details on boosting milk supply, check her full report on the pros and cons of each method.

Increase Milk Supply with Herbal Supplements


Baby girl breaks family’s daughter-less streak after 100 years

After over 100 years of sons, a family finally received its first baby girl since 1914. Auerelia Underdahl was born on April 12 after four generations of nothing but baby boys. If your family has a tradition of one gender or the other… There is always hope that you will break the streak!

“Maybe it took more than 100 years to create perfection,” Conrad said. “She’s a cutie. We’ve been spoiling her a bit because it’s just different finally holding a baby girl.” [Read full report here.]

First girl born in Underdahl family


Why breastfeeding is to be celebrated on Earth Day

Feel like you didn’t acknowledge Earth Day in a good way or take on some super green activity? I guess you didn’t realize that breastfeeding is about as green as it gets. Think about it… No packaging. No food miles. It’s created completely naturally.

“The alternative to breast milk is artificial baby milk, a processed, non-renewable food. Breast milk substitutes are sourced from the dairy industry, an industry based around the production of cows’ milk and red meat. These two foods are the most emissions-intensive foods available.”

So pat yourself on the back. You did good this Earth Day! [Read more here.]


Photographer captures generations of breastfeeding mothers

A mother and her daughter’s relationship is always something special, but becoming a mom takes your relationship with your own mother to a new level. Things come full circle. Photographer Jade Beall decided to represent that in a recent photoshoot featuring three generations of women.

“The beautiful body on the left birthed and fed the beautiful body on the right which birthed and feeds the beautiful little body at her breast,” Beall captioned the photo.

3 generations moms breastfeeding

Photographer Jade Beall


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