Mom mimics breastfeeding



Mom Mimics Breastfeeding in Unique Way After Exhausting All Her Options 

Breastfeeding is not always a walk in the park and for many mothers it is truly a challenge. The struggle can force many moms to supplement or give up on nursing all together. So for a mother fighting breast cancer to go the extra mile to find a way to breastfeed in some way says a lot about the mom. Bridget Burke-Purdy is one such mom. When her third child was born, she did long-term finger feeding.

“Bridget, who was unable to nurse her third baby Rowan due to cancer treatments, ended up feeding him with the tube taped right to her finger. The method, while relatively unknown, is not actually that rare: It’s called “finger feeding,” and it’s used when a newborn is having trouble latching onto the breast.”

In Bridget’s case, she was able to form a special bond with her son, Rowan, over finger feeding, even though she was unable to supply her own breast milk. [Read more here.]


Target Takes Breastfeeding Station To The Next Level

If any retailer is going to have an extremely perfect mom-friendly breastfeeding station, it’s Target. It just gives one more reason for moms to praise the place they already love to escape to for kid-free (or kid-accompanied) shopping.

The Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page recently shared a picture taken at a Target in New Braunfels, Texas of a nursing station set up amidst the shopping displays and racks. Target used their own space to give moms a comfortable place to nurse (if they feel comfortable nursing somewhere not private). Why not? They can support moms and even display a few of their items while doing so.

“The station features comfy-looking seats, cushions, free nursing pads, a nursing cover for moms who prefer more privacy, blankets and more. The Breastfeeding Mama Talk page also praised the fact that it’s conveniently located out in the open and not hidden away.”





Our Favorite Easter Pregnancy Announcements   

Easter is fast approaching, and what is one of the many things we look forward to around holidays these days? The joy of finding out new babies are on the way! It is fairly common to see creative and cute pregnancy announcements float across your social media feeds on holidays. With Easter just around the corner, here are some clever ideas for your own or a friend’s big news.  [Read more here.]

Image: Tabitha Emma

Image: Tabitha Emma


Bed Rest: 19 Survival Supplies

People can joke about bed rest being a vacation, but the reality is, anyone sentenced to a bed with few exceptions for leaving it, quickly gets over it. On top of needing to stay in bed, you likely have everyone jumping on you for anything that puts you on your feet–even trips to the bathroom. If you or someone you know is stuck on bed rest until further notice, be sure these survival supplies are on hand to make the time as easy as possible.  [See list here.]

Image: iStock/Jupiter Images

Image: iStock/Jupiter Images




Lyme Disease to Surge This Summer: The #1 Way to Keep Your Kids Safe 

After a mild winter throughout much of the United States, it can be expected that bug pests will be operating at higher levels this spring and summer. While mosquitos are never welcome–especially in areas where Zika virus is of high concern, those in the Northeast need to take extra precautions when it comes to Lyme Disease.

“Lyme disease — which is spread via infected ticks — is not something to be taken lightly, especially if you have kids. I know, since my son has had two separate cases of Lyme disease over the last three years.” [Read more here.]

Image: bondart/Shutterstock

Image: bondart/Shutterstock


35 Things Not to Say to the Mom of a Child With Autism

As Autism Awareness Month continues, remain sensitive to the world the family of an autistic child lives in and that, unlike your perspective, autism is the “normal” for their life and world. Things you say to them, perhaps with a sincere intention or to try to simply make light of a difficult subject to discuss, are likely things those people hear over and over.

Check this list of things NOT to say and don’t just try to memorize them while thinking of things OK to say; read it and think about why exactly a parent with an autistic child does not want to hear these things from you. [Read more here.]

Image: Levranii/shutterstock

Image: Levranii/shutterstock





Meet the genius crib that simulates a middle-of-the-night car ride  

Have you ever done the middle of the night car drive, just to get your baby to sleep? Or maybe it was the afternoon, but either way, there are countless babies who magically fall asleep once in their carseat and a on the move. So desperate times call for desperate measures, and if that little one just cannot be calmed, it’s to the car they go! But now, maybe you won’t have to do any driving and instead you can get some sleep yourself.

“The whole idea behind Ford’s Max Motor Dreams is to replicate the motions, sounds and lighting of riding in a car at night. First, parents use a phone app that records a nighttime drive. After everyone is at home, the experience of the drive is reproduced by syncing your app with the crib. A small speaker on the underside of the bassinet even plays a muffled engine sound. And the icing on the top? LED lights mimic the soft glow of streetlights in the night.”  [Read more here.] MAX-Motor-Dreams-LEDs-t...te-street-lights-650x430


How To Identify Ear Infection In Babies And Treat It 

It is fairly common for children to experience an ear infection in their first year or two of life. The worst bit of it is that a baby cannot communicate their pain or problems in any way except crying. And, as you will quickly learn, crying happens on a daily basis. How do you know if their crying is actually being caused by the pain and discomfort of an ear infection rather than just tiredness or teething?

MomJunction helps you deal with it. We’ll explain the various reasons, symptoms, and treatments for ear infections in babies. We also familiarize you with the numerous precautions you must take to prevent an infection.” [Read more here.]



No Borax Easy Slime Recipes 

Sensory play for toddlers is possibly one of the best ways for a young child to learn. In fact, some of the messiest activities tend to be the best ones for toddlers. It is just a matter of embracing and accepting the mess as the parent. The other issue some parents may have with certain crafts or sensory play activities is the safety and toxicity of what is being played with. I think any parent knows that whatever their child gets into, you best be prepared for it also getting into their mouth.

This article shares numerous recipes for creating a childhood favorite: SLIME! And let’s get real; even as adults we can find it pretty fun! Whether you want it taste-safe or a special texture or color, there is a way to do it and to do it safely.  [Read more here.] Simple-Slime-Recipes


14 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

Peeps. Jelly beans. Cadbury Cream Eggs. Reese eegs. Malted milk balls. Chocolate bunnies. There is an endless list of traditional Easter treats. If you are like many mothers though, the last thing you want is to have your toddler loading up on sugar! Fortunately, toddlers are usually just as excited about opening up plastic eggs to see what is inside as they are about what is actually on the inside!

Use this list for some inspiration on healthier snacks and treats to put in your little ones eggs and baskets that will keep the sugar buzz at bay, but the thrill still alive. (And if you do not want to give up all the traditional candies, there are some good options for those as well.) It also includes ideas for older kids, gifts for the basket and more. [See list here.]

Image: Kimberly Holland

Image: Kimberly Holland