Mom thanks strangers who supported her at park with kind Facebook post

A kind action that may seem simple can go a long way toward the one on the receiving end. Kath Lock recently shared her story on Facebook about a mom and daughter who turned what was looking to be an uncomfortable situation for a young mom, into a wonderful memory. Kath, 24, needed to feed her daughter at a busy and crowded park but had no cover up and her spouse and toddler son were not nearby.

“I usually have no problem feeding, I’ll do it anywhere and everywhere but sitting there on my own made me feel super anxious and in a way vulnerable, which was a horrible feeling,” she wrote. Just as these feelings crept over her, a mother and her daughter, unknown to Kath, stopped to giver her the words of encouragement she needed to hear.

“They then stopped about 10ft away and said ‘you’re doing an amazing job, keep it up’ and her daughter gave me a thumbs up!” The words were followed by the two joining Kath on the bench, where they remained until the father and her son returned. “She has given me so much more confidence and made me feel AMAZING!’ [Read more here.]

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Vogue Brazil features breastfeeding photo on cover

Vogue Brazil featured model Carol Trentini breastfeeding her son on the front of their September issue and Trentini shared the image on Instagram on Aug. 25. This type of cover on Vogue is not as shocking at some might think. The magazine featured amazing photos in the Vogue Netherlands edition in March 2015. Douzen Kroes and her two sons were on the cover along with an image of Kroes nursing on the inside pages. [Read more here.]

Breastfeeding my baby boy for @voguebrasil THANK YOU ??

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Which states are the best and the worst for breastfeeding moms?

While it is universally agreed in the medical community that breastfeeding babies offers the most health benefits babies, the acceptance and support for breastfeeding is not equal across the United States. From the laws that exist protecting breastfeeding mothers to the hospital support, each state is different. Rhode Island, Delaware, New Hamphire, Vermont, Oregon and California were considered the ‘best’ states to be in for nursing while South Dakota, Kentucky, North Dakota, West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Mississippi were the worst. The good news is, even if you live in one of the worst states to be a breastfeeding mom, you will still find the support you need.


Amazing shots taken for ‘Breastfeeding in Real Life’ photo shoot

Photographer Leilani Rogers began a project in 2013 called ” The Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project, ” that aimed to destigmatize public breastfeeding. She got feedback from moms on where they felt most comfortable feeding and captured that on camera. It was such a success with a positive response from mothers that Rogers had other photographers from around the world join her for the project in 2014.

“We had around 50 photographers then and have grown to 70 now. We have been photographing moms in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil and Estonia.” [Read more here.]

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