Wow! Where to begin? We loved each and every touching story and shout out submitted to our 2017 Mother’s Day Giveaway. Enough can never be said about the wonderful hearts and acts of the mothers in this world and we thank each of you who put up a nomination. You helped us spread the love of motherhood this past Mother’s Day weekend. Here are this year’s five winners, but we encourage you to read the many other stories shared during this year’s contest here. We hope these five ladies enjoy their $100 shopping spree at Target. (Be sure to treat yourself with it!)

Donna Jones Wilson

Nominated by Kellie Wilson

“I’m pretty sure I inherited my sweet tooth from my mom Donna Jones Wilson
I have fond memories of eating chocolates with her while watching sitcoms.
But her love of chocolate isn’t what makes her so sweet..
my mom is the type of woman who is kind to everyone she meets.
I say this with all sincerity..I feel like I won the mom lottery!
Mom is a retired teacher but she still works in the community..
as a mentor and teacher to struggling kids in the city.
I’ve had her former students tell me..
that she was the reason they got their degree..
that she cared about them when no one else did..
that she encouraged them when they didn’t have hope as a kid.
Out of all the moms in the can it be?
That she was chosen especially for me!
She’s my best friend, my shopping buddy, my coffee date.
She’s the one I can call crying after a horrible date.
She’s my biggest fan, my best critic and anyone can see..
her love and sacrifices have made me a better me.
This year, I would love to give my mother the ultimate treat..
a gift from Hygeia Breastfeeding for this deserving woman… who is ever so SWEET!”
– Kellie Wilson


Dawn Marie Chow

Nominated by Suzanne Canfield & Shannon Schleif

“My sister Dawn Marie Chow for raising 4 great kids and recently beating breast cancer, she deserves a treat to slow down time!” – Suzanne Canfield

“My sister Dawn Marie Chow for raising 4 wonderful children and beating breast cancer.” – Shannon Schleif


Julia Toman

Nominated by Amanda Christyne Cobb & Adrianne Jean

“I nominate Julia Toman❤️ She is a new mom and she has by far been the most outstanding part of our community. From helping bring awareness to hundreds with the Breastfeeding Walk on her own time, to helping moms one on one understand how important it is to have the love and support from a peer counselor while breastfeeding. I am so proud of her? She is truly a blessing and I know that this gift card would would give her a well deserved break?” – Amanda Christynne Cobb

“Julia Toman is seriously amazing!!! She has helped me in so many ways and is so deserving of this gift!!! Not only is she a great mother and friend but she is very active in the breastfeeding support community!!!!” – Adrianne Jean


Lani Keohuhu

Nominated by Larae Keohuhu

“I would like to nominate my Sister-in-Law Lani Keohuhu! I remember the day you called to say that you were expecting, oh how happy we were for you tears filled our eyes knowing that you would finally have a little one of your own. Being so far away from us made it so hard but to have you on the phone when you were in labor made it all more special to me. You were always the one I could call when i needed help if it was for your brother or we needed someone to watch the boys. You never hesitated you always said when and bring um… I wish you were closer to be with us but we always have phones to keep in touch. Love you Sis! :*” – Larae Keohuhu








Wendy Wagner

Nominated By Natassia Rodriguez Ott

“I’m nominating my mom and role model, Wendy Wagner! She raised my sister and I by herself while going to school and working full-time. She has always been there for me filled with positivity and support. I’m thankful she will be there for my own baby girl coming in a few weeks and I only hope I can be half the inspiration to my daughter as she’s been to me.– Natassia Rodriguez Ott