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12 Ways Moms Can Help Normalize Breastfeeding in 2017

There were plenty of winning moments for the nursing mom in 2016, but there is still a long road ahead for getting where society needs to be in the normalize breastfeeding movement. 2016 saw far too many moms sentenced to bathroom stalls and feeling too embarrassed to feed their hungry babies when the moment called. Here’s how you can help the progress continue in 2017. [Read more here.]


10 Places Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Try Nursing, At Least Once

If you are nursing mother who has the heart to feed her baby anywhere and everywhere, yet you are still feeling apprehensive about breastfeeding in public, do not despair. First, know that you are not alone and that you should not feel like a bad mother for having doubts about breastfeeding in public. Society has brought that upon you. Check out this list of places to breastfeed and the motives behind ‘why’ they are worth trying. As you read, you might find your confidence building in realizing not only the logic, but the love that supports you wherever you choose to nurse.  [Read more here.]




7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do, At Least Once 

No matter how you feel about pregnancy, there is never any guarantee you will get to experience it again after your current endeavor. Sometimes you relish it and love feeling the kicks and taking advantage of cravings. Other times it is all just a burden, but no matter what, remember this is something you may never experience again and therefore it is a time for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Make sure you do the things on this list… And add a few of your own to-do’s.  [Read more here.]


Why Am I So Hungry During Month 6 Of Pregnancy?

You are more than halfway through your journey of pregnancy. Your bump is no longer in question by anyone. At this point, having spent half a year pregnant, hopefully you have embraced the experience and accepted all that comes with it. At the same time, your growing size is likely making you ready to be done with pregnancy. Between embracing the experience and taking on the long third trimester, it is not the time to be ashamed of ‘eating for two’.

“Around week 24, you are so hungry that no matter what or how frequently or how much you eat or drink, you don’t feel like you have eaten. You crave for a three-course meal just about every time. You take all the liberty to order the desserts – not one or two, maybe even three! It wouldn’t stop with that. You will want something to munch on post the dessert time too!”   [Read more here.]




4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Child’s Life

We tend to think in terms of “me” when it comes to new year’s resolutions. (Clean more. Work out. Read more. Eat better…), but what about resolutions that we benefit from as a result of benefitting someone else? Who could be more important than your children and making a resolution that will bring good into their life? This mom has the right perspective no her resolutions:

“I propose that this year we resolve to teach our children to focus on things that really matter. This year, let’s help our children make choices that will lead to improved emotional functioning, greater happiness, and lower stress. This year, let’s do it right.”  [Read more here.]


21 Baby Names That Are Going to Disappear in 2017  

You may have recently scanned through a list of popular baby names for 2016 or unique and trendy names, but you may be surprised by several names that seem to be disappearing. If your name was fairly popular growing up, it may be next to impossible to find on the birth certificate of a newborn. Check out this list and see if you find your name, or use it for ideas if you are into traditional and easily-recognizable names. [Read more here.]



4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord 

For many, the umbilical cord can be one of those semi-scary parts of early parenthood. It’s a body part we just are not familiar with caring for–one that we are looking to have detach from the body, yet know we cannot force it and must instead take care of it while it is there.

“If it makes you feel any better, the drying and umbilical cord falling off is a natural process, and not a touching moment. And, the process usually goes off without a hitch. So, a few pointers will work to your advantage, and ensure you know how to take care of the umbilical cord stump for quick healing and drying.”

This article covers what the umbilical cord is and how to care for it.  [Read more here.]


Baby Diaper Rash Relief

A diaper rash is not fun for parents or baby. While baby may have the physical pain, their cries and discomfort, without a doubt, bring heartache to you. Diaper rashes can come in many forms and vary in their degree of severity. On top of that, they are very dependent on each child’s skin and how sensitive it is. (The same can be said for how treat a rash.)

“Your baby’s diaper rash might range from a minor irritation to painful redness with bumps that spread all over the area. Relief techniques help your baby feel more comfortable and might speed the healing process.”  [Read more here.]




10 #Goals On Your Toddler’s To-Do List This Year

Just for fun… Let’s pretend toddlers could not only make productive new year’s resolutions, but they actually had some will power (and desire) to keep said resolutions. No doubt parents would have high hopes for what would happen, even if it was only short term. However, it is more likely a toddler would come up with a list of resolutions that looks a little more like this one. (And any of these being accomplished is likely to make you cry.)  [Read more here.]




3 Ways to Raise a Caring Toddler 

It seems common to categorize toddlers in two categories: the awful and the adorable. The ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threenager’ years give us certain expectations from a child when they aren’t saying the cutest and funnest things. What we can sometimes forget, though, is that all toddlers are soaking up everything like a sponge–including good behavior and good manors.

“We often associate the toddler years with willful assertions of “Me!” and “Mine!” But underneath is a budding recognition that other people have feelings too. In fact, this is a great time to nurture caring.” [Read more here.]