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Olivia Wilde Shares Powerful Breastfeeding Photo with Her Newborn Daughter Daisy 

Olivia Wilde and her two-week old daughter, Daisy, have already made several cute appearances in the public eye, but most recently breastfeeding moms have loved her Instagram post of Daisy nursing. The image is powerful, real, and adorable all at once! [Read more here.]

My drinking buddy. #neverunderestimatethepowerofawoman

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Sacramento Kings become first NBA team to provide area for breastfeeding in arena

Nursing moms won’t have to miss any basketball action in Sacramento with the opening of a tiny breastfeeding pod in the upper decks of the new Sacramento Kings arena. The team announced that the new lactation pod, known as a Mamava, is open for the first regular season Kings game at Golden 1 Center. Now, let’s hope this is a trend the rest of the NBA franchises jump on board with!

“We’re happy they’re making a start,” said Sacramento Breastfeeding Coalition President Jeannette Newman-Velez, who said her group contacted the Kings about seven months ago seeking accommodations for breastfeeding mothers. “We wanted to make sure they had a place for breastfeeding at the Golden 1 Center. We want mothers to breastfeed wherever they and their baby are.” [Read full story here.]






Halloween costumes for those with a little monster on the way 

Pregnant and trying to figure out a costume? Don’t be disappointed that some of your college party ideas won’t pan out with the same appeal… Instead get excited that you get the rare opportunity to be that much more creative with a costume! Not everyone gets the chance to dress the bump to theme! There are countless great ideas from the simple pumpkin belly to well-known characters like Juno. Those are two commonly shared ideas, but this list has several lesser seen baby bump costumes that are definitely worth considering. [Read more here.]




Back Labor: What It Is, What it Feels Like & How To Prevent It

There is a lot to learn during those nine months of pregnancy–and preparing for a child is only the half of it. What about all of the weird things that happen to your body and symptoms you feel? What is normal and what is concerning? Back labor is something some people experience, but what is it exactly and should you be worried?

Back labor isn’t experienced by every mother, but it is a reality for many and not a fun one. It’s not a sign of complications, but this article gives details on back labor and how you can help prevent and get through it.  [Read more here.]




10 Reasons A Hot Mess Mom Is The Best Friend Everyone Needs

If there is one thing that makes motherhood a little easier, it’s your mom tribe. Having friends that 100% “get” your life in the trenches with toddlers, diapers and sleepless nights is a must. Even better, though, is having a mom friend that is transparent and comfortable with the flaws we all have in motherhood.

“There’s something to be said for being honest and real and transparent about your flaws. It can be so easy to fall into that infamous “mommy wars” culture and try to constantly portray yourself as the “perfect mother,” because, well, judgment and shame are very real. However, as a hot mess I can tell you that it’s nothing short of liberating to wear my imperfections on my stained sleeve.”

This blog post is written by the hot mess mom herself. If you are not the hot mess mom in your group, make sure whoever it happens to be knows how much you appreciate everything about her! [Read more here.]

10 Reasons A Hot Mess Mom Is The Best Friend Everyone Needs



16 Brilliant Ways To Incorporate Your Baby Into Your Halloween Costume 

You have likely found some stellar costume ideas for your toddlers and maybe even come up with some great ideas on how to pose your infant for adorable pictures, but what about that party or trick-or-treating with the baby? If you know you are going to be packing around a babe most of the night while partaking in Halloween festivities, time to get creative and have some fun. Much like dressing the bump during pregnancy, these ideas incorporate your babe into the costume. You and the mini-me will be the hit of the night. [Read more here.]





New Baby Sleep Guidelines Can Drastically Reduce SIDS 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their sleep recommendations for infants. They are recommending babies sleep in the same room as parents for at least the first six months, if not a full year. The new guidelines also have updates on where you nurse your baby during the night. The new guidelines were published in the November journal Pediatrics.

“[A]ccording to its new findings, the AAP believes parents can decrease their baby’s risk of SIDS by 50 percent if they sleep in the same room as LO for the first six months, which is a pretty remarkable drop!” [Read more here.]


Baby’s First Cry: All You Need To Know

Did you know your baby crying at the moment of birth is nearly a requirement that doctors and nurses are looking for upon the arrival of your LO? It’s one case where crying is (usually) a good thing.

“Right after birth, your baby would cry between the first thirty seconds and one minute of his life. The crying is essential for its survival because by doing so he will suction off the amniotic fluid and other secretions present in his lungs and nose before his birth.”

Beyond the need for crying, the cry itself can tell you a thing or two about your newborn and his condition. [Read more here.]




The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 5 Truths About Potty Training 

A potty trained toddler has a lot of pros but are those benefits really worth the work, time and messes it takes to get there? That can be debatable. And it can be especially frustrating when you hear other moms share their one-trick-wonder kids who figure it out on the first day and the rest is history. It’s going to be a process, but in retrospect, it will be a brief memory–and you will be happy to say farewell to diapers!

“It will take the patience of a saint, the dedication of an Olympic athlete, and maybe even a couple strong cocktails. But the time is near. It may be a long and tedious process, but it is finally time to hand over the reigns to your little one and renounce your title as designated tush wiper.”

This article shares some of the realities of potty training that 90% of parents experience, so don’t get discouraged and feel you are alone! [Read more here.]

Truths About Potty Training



How to Deal with Super Tantrums

Toddlerhood brings for some super adorable moments with your kids. We love to capture those moments to share with the world via social media. Then there are the grumpy days, meltdowns, and the super tantrums. Those are less fun to share with the world, but no matter how much of an angel you are raising, every toddler hits a wall and the tantrum happens. But what about a ‘super tantrum’?

“A super tantrum is more than just throwing a fit; it is more emotionally involved. Unlike us adults who have had decades to reel our emotions in and use our brains to deal with stressers so that they do not have a huge impact on our emotional well-being, children are still learning to cope with their emotions.”

First off, don’t panic that you are failing as a mom. Every parent deals with this. But how? Hopefully this article will help you out. [Read more here.]