Can you multitask AND feed twins?

Constance Hall, a 32-year-old blogger from Australia, keeps it real on her blog and Facebook feed; what else can you do but show the good, the bad, and the ugly once you are a mom of twins? Back in February she shared a photo feeding her twins that quickly went viral because of the profound message on the pros and cons of breastfeeding. Only a couple of weeks later she shared another post encouraging mothers to get naked in front of the camera. Most recently? She’s shows that even a mom of twins can multitask and feed her babes. For more great multitasking mom photos, check the comments in reply to her post. 


The cutest duo onesie sets for twins

As if twins aren’t cute enough as is, there are a million and one super adorable onesies out there to multiply that cuteness. Sometimes simply dressing them to match can just cause confusions–even for mom and dad! So why not distinguish a pair of babes in an extra cute and clever way? If you’ve got twins or know someone, some of these are must-haves. Either way they are precious to look through and just might make you wish you had your own little set of Twinkies to dress. Our personal favorites? Perhaps the “Copy & Paste” or the birth order set. “Wombmates” is pretty clever as well! [See all onesies here.]

cute baby onesies for twins


[Video] One mom’s ironical video about breastfeeding

A hilarious video on the irony our culture and society brings to breastfeeding. The big push is that we should do it (“Breast is Best!), but when you decide to make the commitment to nursing your baby, society suddenly becomes particular about how and where you do it!It’s like that nugget of information about it being SUPER important is suddenly forgotten. Caryn Cantella and her husband Bryan have a YouTube vlog where they share their journey as new parents.

In this video Caryn is seen breastfeeding 6-month-old daughter Cecilia in numerous locations that only grow in absurdity. She begins in the usual nursery and moves to the park and goes as far as outerspace.

“What’s with society putting so much pressure on women to breastfeed and then promptly pushing them into a bathroom or closet to do so?” says the description. “SERIOUSLY. Breastfeed wherever! WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? I’m sick of being told to cover up or hide somewhere to do the simple act of feeding my baby.”


The struggle of a mother who weans

In many ways, we mothers look forward to the time when you will no longer be structuring life around feedings. It affects what you eat, what you wear, where you go, who you want to hang out with, how much sleep you get, your entire daily routine–everything. Kimberly Zapata reflects on this exact feeling in her post, but shares why she misses breastfeeding that her daughter has weaned.

“I miss that feeling that came from being needed so thoroughly and completely. I miss being the center of her world,” Zapata writes. [Read blog post here.]


Favorite Photos of the Week

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