Public breastfeeding earns positive response

There are plenty of stories of outrage when it comes to public breastfeeding. Both businesses and people tend to regularly make breastfeeding moms feel uncomfortable or ashamed. The public breastfeeding stories that make media splashes only bring for other moms–especially new moms–to become more hesitant to breastfeed in public. It sure is a breath of fresh air to find the stories of uplifting experiences and be reminded that support does exist and sometimes a breastfeeding mother in public can even inspire. We love the special act this mom received from a college student after breastfeeding her little in a Chipotle restaurant.


Honoring breastfeeding mamas in uniform

Working moms have a tough row to hoe, but add to that the choice to breastfeed and you have another layer of commitment and effort to work into daily life. Today’s working mom wears numerous uniforms, both literally and figuratively. From working at home or being a stay at home mom whose husband has a demanding job, to being a doctor or serving in the military. Photographer and U.S. military veteran Tara Ruby is dedicated to sharing that reality with the world through a special project to salute, not just her fellow mamas in military uniforms, but all sorts of uniforms. Her project is aimed to spread praise for all forms of working mothers who breastfeed, from models to doctors.

“I want to capture every working mom in every photo,” she shares on Facebook. “Although I would love to work with mommies in their actual career fields in their own uniforms, this project is about so much more than the individual mother. It is about the bigger picture. Inspiration can come from many things and I hope very much that everyone can see the inspiration in my upcoming portraits and look past the individual person themselves.”

She’s put out a call on Facebook for other moms who want to be a part of the project.


Cuckoo awesome truth about breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are easy to find. A simple Google search will overwhelm you with results. Any doctor or medical professional will tell you instantly the benefits. But there is something about witnessing it for yourself or hearing about it from a fellow mom. That is exactly why a recent Facebook post from mother Mallory Smothers went viral. Some mothers know that their milk can change with the baby’s needs and Smothers, a new mom, shared her real-life experience of this benefit.

She noticed her baby coming down with a slight cold one night but continued nursing as usual. The next day she realized the milk she pumped resembled that of her early colostrom–like liquid gold–especially when compared to the milk pumped the day before, which was whitish. How does this relate? Research published in the journal Clinical & Translational Immunology showed that infections in moms and babes cause a rapid rise of leukocytes (a type of white blood cell that helps fight infection) in breast milk and this is what causes the color change. Incredible!


[VIDEO] If Men Could Breastfeed 

If men could breastfeed? This world would be quite a site! We admit, this video is a little absurd, but still good for a laugh, because let’s face it… The truth is, breastfeeding was a gift given to women, not men, for a reason. Enjoy!


Three-part photo series aims at normalizing breastfeeding

From her wedding photography roots, Jen Pan‘s personal experience in motherhood has inspired her three-part series, “The Magical World of Breastfeeding” with magnificently beautiful photos of mothers nursing their babes. Many feature moms in natural surroundings like scenic beachfronts and enchanted forests, but the second series is raising more eyebrows as it focuses on discrimination in the workplace. The photos were shot in the Central Business District of Singapore.

“Do not be discourage with ignorant people. You are doing what you have to do. Do not be guilty or ashamed. You are in charge of your baby’s nutrient intake. No one has the right to tell you to stop your breastfeeding journey before you or baby are ready. You are beautiful.”

public breastfeeding photo series by Jen Pan working moms