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Mom’s Message About Tandem Breastfeeding Goes Viral

Breastfeeding is a battle. It may be a completely natural thing that a woman’s body was made to do, but from every angle–physical to social–it is a battle. It can feel very unnatural in the beginning, as many mothers struggle with proper latch, milk production and more. On top of that mothers deal with the the social struggles of breastfeeding for the ‘proper’ amount of time (not too long, not too short) and where it’s OK to breastfeed. Now imagine doubling all of those struggles, because you are trying to tandem breastfeed.

If there is anyone who can inspire moms when the nursing struggle gets real, it’s a mother of twins who is making it happen. That is why the recent Instagram post by celebrity make-up artist, Joyce Bonelli, was so powerful.  [Read more here.]



I’m Still Breastfeeding My Last Baby & Honestly, I’m Not Ready To Stop

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life and continuing through the first year. There is not guidance past that and nothing that indicates breastfeeding longer is discouraged or bad. However, it is widely known that mothers who choose to breastfeed past a year are commonly judged, even if health benefits are on their side. It’s nice when mothers who breastfeed past the first year find support from other mothers.

“My youngest daughter will be 2 years old in December, and she’s still nursing. I know that she doesn’t really need breast milk anymore, and she can pretty much eat whatever she wants, because she has a mouthful of teeth. But I’m currently breastfeeding my last baby and honestly, I’m not ready to stop.” [Read full story here.]




Quickening in Pregnancy. When Can You Feel the Baby Move? 

In case you were unaware, “quickening” is the term for fetal movement during pregnancy. But when will you feel those kicks and turns? Does it hurt? Is pain a bad sign? This article covers baby movement from top to bottom, even why the term ‘quickening’ is used. Mothers can begin to feel movement anywhere between weeks 16 and 25. Generally, second time moms feel movement sooner, if for no other reason than they recognize movement for what it is. First-time moms may mistake it for gas. Curious about what to expect or how the movement changes from trimester to trimester? This article has it all.  [Read more here.]


Labor or false alarm? Wearable helps you know from home

Going through pregnancy, the term “Braxton-Hicks” becomes pretty familiar. One could say you only know what they feel like once you have experienced them, but the reality is that even then it can be hard to discern Braxton-Hicks from real contractions and labor (especially on your first pregnancy). That is why tech company Bloomlife has released a new device to help mothers better determine when real labor is taking place.

“The Bloomlife “smart pregnancy wearable” is a small sensor that snaps into a patch that you stick, Band-Aid-like, onto your bump. Each patch lasts 7 days, and woman can wear them day or night.”  [Find out more here.]




8 Things Every Mom Needs When She’s On Maternity Leave, Because It’s No Vacation 

The early weeks with a newborn are a blur for any mother, but for a mother on maternity leave it has a whole extra level of pressure. They are on a clock–a timer, so to speak. They have only so much time until life supposedly goes back to “normal”. At least, “normal” is what is expected of them by so many once their leave is over. Because of this, it is that much more important for those close to the mother to be supportive of her in all ways during those precious weeks. This blog post is the perspective of just such a mom, encouraging others to give mothers the support they need while on maternity leave.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I felt like I needed to have a certain level of comfort with my role as a mom before I officially became a “working mom,” a level of comfort that was pretty much impossible for me to achieve by myself. So, not only was I a new mom attempting to adjust to, well, motherhood, I was a new mom “on the clock,” and the learning curve prior to my maternity leave’s expiration date was unkind, at best.” [Read more here.]


How getting rid of ‘stuff’ saved my motherhood  

It is ok to admit if the daily ritual of motherhood has worn you down. It can easily feel like an endless cycle of laundry, dishes and clean-up and you find yourself just counting down the hours until bedtime. That was this mother’s experience until she finally decided to make a major change–and rid her house of A LOT of toys.

“I started working through the room, making piles—keep, trash, donate. I got rid of every single toy that I felt wasn’t benefitting my kids. If it didn’t cause them to engage in constructive or imaginary play, it wasn’t staying in this house because it wasn’t worth the work it caused me.”

The “stuff” was gone and so was so much of her stress. [Read the whole story here.]



All You Wanted To Know About Your Baby’s Development Up to 12 Months 

As much as you want your baby to stay little forever, every mom knows that growth is actually what you want to see and a good sign. But what milestones should happen at what points? This article breaks down many of the major developments throughout the first year of life.  [Read more here.]




A Birth Photographer Shares Her Favorite Images From 2016 

Birth photographer Monet Nicole attended 65 deliveries in 2016 and had the honor of capturing special, one-of-a-kind moments with numerous babies and parents in numerous environments. This collection of photos are her 15 favorites from throughout the past year.   [See photos here.]






Soothing Sick Kids in the Wee Hours

It is hard to say whether a sick kid is a tougher experience for the child or the parent. It can be pretty heartbreaking (although the extra snuggles are often nice!), particularly because making a child understand his/her sickness can sometimes be impossible. For them, they just feel miserable and not right. Somehow the heartache amplifies at night–a time that should be peaceful and quiet is disturbed by discomfort and tears. The sooner you can help you child, the better.

Use this article as a cheat sheet for determining the ailment of your kid during night time woes. [Check cheat sheet here.]


10 Things I Love (and Will Miss) About My Kids’ Toddler Years

Parenthood through the toddler years is something that can only be understood through personal experience, no matter how much you try to convey it to someone. These tiny people can make you laugh until you cry, contemplate deep ideas, say ridiculous phrases that would have no context anywhere else and make you want to rip your hair out–all in a 30 minute period. It is because of this, though, that a parent’s head is so buried in the sand that time slips away and, before you know it, those years of toddlerhood are over.

“I didn’t think I would miss anything about those years. I rolled my eyes when people said things like “cherish every moment.” How could I cherish anything when I was barely functioning – barely keeping my kids fed and relatively clean?

Check this list for 10 things to try to cherish a little more, even in the moments where it seems impossible!