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Moms turn to app for unique ‘treeoflife brelfies’

“We are the tree of life” is the theme of the new and trending way to share ‘brelfies’ on social media.

“Moms around the world are downloading PicsArt — a photo editing app — and creating ‘tree of life’ selfies that depict their breast — or a bottle — as a system of roots, branching out into a tree in their feeding baby’s mouth.”

The artistically beautiful photos are a symbol of the bond between mother and baby and you don’t even have to be artistic yourself to create and share a beautiful image. [See photos and learn more here.]



Is It Safe To Drink Eggnog While Breastfeeding?

Love it or hate it, eggnog is a traditional part of the holiday season. If you hate it, then you have no worries on this question, but if you are a fan of the seasonal drink, you likely want to know if you are safe to indulge while nursing your little one.

“The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that eating raw eggs can expose you to a bacteria known as salmonella which can cause diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps lasting four to seven days. And as pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman noted in The Bump, although it’s rare, the salmonella bacteria can get into a mother’s breast milk if she is exposed.”

This article explains that it all depends on where you are sourcing your nog and if it is pasteurized. [Read more here.]




The End of Pregnancy is the Worst 

As you entered the third trimester, you may have felt like things were getting rough and you were pretty ready to get this show on the road and meet your baby. What you didn’t realize was you still had a long way to go and you had not even experienced the worst of it. And believe it or not, the troubles of the final weeks are not only in the physical aspects. [Read more here.]


When & How To Push During Delivery

The term “pushing” is often thrown around when talking about labor and delivery–but what does that mean exactly? You have possibly heard horror stories having you extra worried about the process. Will you know how to push when the time comes? Can you practice? Is there a right and a wrong way? This article covers the topic from top to bottom, and while you may not fully be able to ‘get it’ until you are in the moment, it will definitely make you feel more prepared for when that moment arrives.  [Read more here.]




7 Non-Toxic Gift Ideas for Kids That Moms Can Feel Great About Giving 

The world is full of dangers for our children, the last thing a mom wants to have to worry about is the things specifically for children–like what they are wearing and what they are playing with. Here is your opportunity to be the hero gift-giver and give kids something they love and parents do not have to stress about. This list includes everything from clothing and wall hangings to toys and arts and crafts. [Get gift ideas here.]


Top 10 Recipe Apps for the Working Mom 

Wearing the double hat of carrying a career and caring for kids wears on a mom and the last thing you or anyone in your home needs is a lack of nourishment. The pressure to feed you and your family well can be high when it seems the most convenient options are also the most unhealthy. These apps will help any busy mom come up with tasty yet nutritious dinner ideas that are sure to make meal time a little less stressful.  [See apps here.]



7 Hacks To Keep Your Baby Warm In A Cold Car

Most of us don’t like setting foot out in the frigid winter weather, so it can be heart-wrenching to bring your little ones out in the cold and never know for sure if you have them bundled well enough. To make matters worse, you have to worry that in the carseat, if you bundle them too much, their straps will not buckle down tightly and safely enough. So, do you settle on a possible unsafe child in the car or a possibly cold child? Hopefully the tips on this list will help guide you to not having to choose one over the other.  [Read more here.]


16 Baby Food–Making Tools You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Considering making your own baby food? There are lots of advantages including a cheaper cost and perhaps a healthier option. But you may be concerned with how it is done and the investment of tools. The reality is, it can be pretty simple and the baby market can make it seem more complicated that it needs to be. For example, you don’t have to a have a ‘baby food blender’ to be able to puree green beans. Any food processor can accomplish that task. And so it goes for many of the devices. Be sure to check this list and see what you already have in your kitchen before making any specialty purchases.  [See the list.]






Toddlers’ Strange Habits: When to Worry

Babies make weird faces and noises, but somehow they are still unquestionably cute… Slowly that evolves into moments of you scratching your head, wondering, “Is that normal?” You can expect the drunken toddle of a babe just learning to take steps, but what about as they enter true toddlerhood and the many ridiculous things you will witness–what is normal?

“Of course, you may wonder whether these kooky habits are really on the developmental checklist or if you should be worried. In most cases, they help your child stay calm and feel in control of his world, but it’s helpful to know why they happen and which ones might be worth mentioning to your pediatrician.”

From self-soothing habits and rituals to body exploration, this article addresses a lot and what is worth raising some concern over. [Read more here.]


Holiday and Christmas Games for Kids

The holidays are full of tradition, but it all primarily revolves around the joy that spawns from spending time with others. While parents want to relish their opportunities to catch up with family and friends, it is important to keep in mind that your kids are there to take in the moment(s) also and you are the one helping shape what they remember as “holiday traditions”. With that in mind. throwing a device in front of them to entertain with games and movies is probably not the direction you want to go. Use this article as a guide to coming up with fun games and activities for the holidays to become a part of your family tradition.  [Read more here.]