Breastfeeding wedding photo



Young Mom Silences Critics With Breastfeeding Wedding Photo

Emma Coleman may have become a mother at the young age of 19, but her dedication to her baby could not have been more obvious than on the day every girl dreams about: her wedding day. On a day when a girl is granted the freedom to be all about herself and focusing on the man of her dreams, Coleman still put her daughter first. She recently shared what she called one of her favorite wedding day photos on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, which was a beautiful moment between mother and child.  [Read more here.]

17 Real Breastfeeding Questions On Allergies, Spit Up, & More, Answered By An Expert  

Even if your baby latches and nurses well, that doesn’t mean the breastfeeding woes and concerns are over. What if they spit up frequently? Do they have allergies to the things you are eating? When do you pitch frozen milk? Is his poop normal? The questions around nursing, baby, and the milk are endless so here are the experts to answer several of the common questions every mom experiences during the process. [Read full story here.]




9 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid Making

Pregnancy has a lot of overwhelming aspects when it comes to emotions, your changing body, and wondering if you are doing everything best for your baby. On top of that is the baby STUFF. People have delivered and raised babies since the beginning of time–long before the baby market existed with all of the products and “necessities”. That’s not to say there is no reason not to enjoy the fun of decorating a nursery and shopping for itty-bitty everything. So how do you make sure to enjoy it and not just get lost in the overwhelming aspects? Use these tips to focus your baby registry to be productive and enjoy the process. [Read more here.]



Favorite Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

No matter how the message is delivered, hearing about a bun in the oven from a close friend or family member is always exciting. But no one can deny that the creative means so many people come up with to share via social media make it that much more fun. The fall season and its festive holidays give great inspiration for some super cute pregnancy announcements. Here are a few Halloween favorites.  [Read more here.]






October is Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month 

While many know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also a month to bring awareness to pregnancy and baby loss. This Saturday, Oct. 15, is the official remembrance day for those little souls lost.

“On October 15th, now called Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (PAILRD), at 7 p.m. in all time zones, families around the world will light candles (and leave the candle burning for at least an hour) in memory all of the precious babies who have been lost during pregnancy or in infancy.  Too many families grieve in silence, sometimes never coming to terms with their loss.”

Check this list for events going on that you can partake in. [Read more here.]




They Should’ve Warned Me 

If there is anything that can get a mom worked up about becoming a parent for the first time, it’s the endless warnings everyone wants to throw at you. People will talk as though life is ending and all things good you have ever known will cease to exist. But this mom shares what those people don’t tell you or warn you–the good of it all. [Read more here.]

They Should’ve Warned Me




How To Transition Baby From Co-Sleeping To A Crib

After you have fallen into a safe pattern with your babe it can be hard to rock the boat and make changes. If your baby sleeps oh-so-soundly next to you all night, making the transition to his own crib can be hard on both baby and parents. In the end, nearly all of the phases your baby goes through that seem unending at the time, are, in reality, short-lived. Transitioning to a crib will likely be one such event, but there are steps you can take to help the move.

“Although the steps for transitioning are pretty straightforward, it’s easier said than done in some cases. Depending on your child’s personality, it may be more difficult than you were anticipating. In this case, it’s fine to wait a little bit and try again, or simply stretch out your transition period.” [Read more here.]


6 Overlooked Babyproofing Tasks Not On Your Checklist

Babyproofing is another term that becomes common vocabulary for a parent. Friends, relatives, and doctors will likely give you the rundown on some of the main tasks you will need to take on in order to make your quarters safe for babe, but perhaps this article will help you think a little further about some risks that may not immediately come to mind. Better safe than sorry! [Read more here.]




9 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make

Car seats for babies, toddlers, and young kids exist for a reason. If there is a way to keep your child safer from harm, don’t we all want to take advantage? The only problem with car seats is that they will only be fully effective if used properly by both parents and children. If not used in the correct way, a car seat’s safety level drops tremendously, and in many cases, parents simply do not realize what they are doing wrong when strapping in their little loves. This article points out some common mistakes that make a real difference in safety level.  [Read more here.]

Six Reasons to Skip the Sippy Cup

Messes are a fact of parenting, but doing your best to avoid what is unnecessary (or at least reducing the hours spent picking up and cleaning up) is every mom’s goal. Sippy cups are a big part of that *hope* to reduce messes. No-spill tops: a parent’s dream? Maybe in terms of avoiding some spills, but maybe not in regards to many other aspects of your child’s best interest.

“Invented in the 1980’s, the sippy cup quickly became the next “how did we live without it” item for parents of babies and toddlers. Nevertheless, is the added step between bottles and cups beneficial? Some child experts and speech therapists are suggesting the troubles outweigh the convenience when it comes to this transitional dish.”  [Read more here.]