Waitress Surprises Breastfeeding Mom



Waitress Surprises Breastfeeding Mom Struggling Through Breakfast

A simple and kind act can go a long way. These days it can go an extra long way, thanks to social media being able to shine a spotlight on kind acts so they go viral. So it is phenomenal when positive stories revolving around the normalize breastfeeding movement get that spotlight.

Isabelle Ames recently posted to Instagram a handwritten note she received from a waitress after Ames had breastfed her 10-month-old daughter in a restaurant.

“Ames told The Huffington Post she wanted to share her story because it was such a positive experience. ‘You oftentimes hear about mostly negative experiences related to breastfeeding in public,’ she said. ‘I had seen videos of women being harassed and it scared me at times and made me recognize that it could be a very real possibility for me one day.'” [Read more here.]

I am still teary eyed writing this hours later. While at breakfast this morning I was doing my usual thing- trying to wrangle a very active ten month old while trying get at least one sip of my coffee. When Charlotte got hungry, I started breastfeeding her. It went okay, but lately it’s been extra difficult. She has a total of 6 teeth now, and we have both been sick for a week. When she finished, my server came over and said, “this pancake is from me, to you. Here is a little note to explain why.” She then began to tell me how “us mommas gotta look out for each other”. Instant tears. I gave this incredibly sweet stranger a hug and cried again. For those of you who don’t understand why this is meaningful, I will put it into perspective. Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I have done, next to labor. No one prepares you for it, but everyone expects you to be excellent at it. You feel like a complete failure when it doesn’t happen right away. For the first two weeks after Charlotte was born, I could only pump and cry because I was so broken-hearted that I couldn’t get her to latch. Then for the next 4 weeks, I could only breastfeed with a nipple shield. It was better than pumping but still not the same. It was not until about 6 weeks after she was born that she latched for first time and I was able to successfully breastfeed. I cried tears of relief and ecstatic joy. Even at 10 months old, it is still hard some days, without even talking about breastfeeding. I haven’t slept in days because she is sick. I am beyond exhausted. Yesterday I got so frustrated I screamed fifty curse words into a pillow. That’s #momlife some days. But for a complete stranger to see me, and say “thank you”. I felt like she was there on my journey the whole time, and she knew how many times I wanted to give up but I didn’t. So often, before I feed Charlotte in public I get a twinge of fear. “Okay, this is the time. Someone is going to harass me. They are going to yell at me. Someone is going to tell me I can’t do this here.” But not today. Today I got love, respect and a free pancake. Thank you to my fellow momma, Erica ❤ #normalizebreastfeeding #lovewins

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Pink Shares Serene Family Photo of Herself Breastfeeding Son Jameson  

She may be a huge pop star, but Pink is a rock star when it comes to motherhood and being a breastfeeding advocate. Her Instagram post at the end of February of her and her two children was not her first public share of an intimate breastfeeding moment. [Read more here.]




Glitter maternity shoots are all the rage

It’s a new time in motherhood where it’s all about the glitz and glam! It was only in the last decade that maternity photo shoots became a norm for a larger part of society. Now, photographers and moms are getting even more creative with these special photos: glitter.

To some, the idea may seem ridiculous, but to others, it is the perfect way to show a celebration of life. [Read more here.]

Today we get to see those eyes sparkle ✨??✨ #feb10 #firstdaugther #ahhhhh ?

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Pregnant Mom Gives Trophy To First Man To Offer Her His Subway Seat

It only took two pregnancies, but Yvonne Lin finally found a “Decent Dude” on the New York subway system. What qualified him as such? The kind gesture of offering his subway seat to a pregnant lady. While she had experienced women giving up their seat to her during her first pregnancy, a male had never done so.

“Lin purchased what she called a ‘silly little card’ and carried it around throughout the third trimester of her first pregnancy, but no gentleman ever earned the accolade.”

In her second pregnancy, Lin had a special trophy made, in hopes that the time would come when she could present it to the first man to offer up his seat to her. It finally happened and Lin snapped a photo, but managed to not catch his name to give him credit for his act; however DNA Info tracked him down. [Read more here.]



“The Babysitter” Trailer Video [The Bachelor Spoof]

If you have ever watched a dating show–specifically The Bachelor or The Bachelorette–this spoof video on the What’s Up Moms? Facebook page will have you rolling. As ridiculous as the ABC show can get over petty drama and semi-crazy contestants, people get sucked in. Much like finding the perfect partner can be finding the perfect babysitter, because, sometimes, the candidates are a little off their rocker.

Anne Hathaway Nails Why Paid Parental Leave Should Be A No-Brainer

An actress obviously knows how to deliver her lines, but there is true passion behind the words Anne Hathaway recently delivered to the United Nations on International Women’s Day. The mother advocated for paid parental leave after having her first born in the past year.

“I remember I experienced a shift in consciousness that gave me the ability to maintain my love of career and also cherish something else, someone else, so much, much more.”  Read more here or watch the video below.




My babies hit milestones late and it’s stressing me out

If there is one thing nearly all parents have in common that begins from the earliest days and never stops, no matter how old your children get, it’s worrying. You worry over every aspect of your child’s life from conception onward. Because the first year is full of so much growth and development, it leaves room for a lot of worry over things you did not expect. When things do not follow the standard and things occur that no one explained or warned you about, questions set in. One major worry some parents share in that first year is when it seems a baby is reaching his or her developmental milestones late. This mom of three’s post shares such an experience.

“This experience serves as an important reminder for me and for anyone else who might be fretting over a ‘late’ milestone: Resist the urge to compare your baby’s developmental timeline with other kids’ — siblings or not.”

If you find yourself fretting over such things, give this post a read. She too saw developmental delays of different types in all of her children. [Read more here.]

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Age-Old Baby Skin Myths Busted

There is nothing quite so soft and smooth as that of a newborn baby’s skin. Because of this, we tend to want to do everything just right to preserve something so seemingly delicate, so a lot of guidelines and tips have been shared over the years. Some of those tips are very true and very common to hear. Other pieces of advice regarding baby skincare or simply myths that people take to heart and pass on.

This post shares several myths regarding baby skin, and what you really need to know on each topic.  [Read more here.]




Festive St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Some have already moved on to preparing for Easter, but let’s not forget the day to wear green coming up this Friday: St. Patrick’s Day! One of the parental perks of this holiday is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it fun for a young child. Throw on some green clothes and add green food coloring to the foods you eat. (Eggs, pancakes, tuna salad, milk, rice, mashed potatoes…) Or you can step it up a notch and prepare one of these festive snacks. [Read more here.]

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Kid Having A Meltdown In Front Of The Queen Is Every Toddler Ever

In the end, we are all just people who are not so different. However, sometimes cultures and titles make us feel more divided than that, though. But when you are a toddler, those differences and divides do not exist. Need some proof? Alfie Lunn, a two-year-old, was given the duty of presenting flowers to the queen at the ceremony to unveil the Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial. But, like all of those with toddlers know, sometimes tantrums come at the most inconvenient time. [Read more here.]