Hygeia EnJoye™ Quick Start Guide

1 – Cleaning

  1. Separate flanges from collection containers and remove valves from flanges.

2. Hand wash flanges, valves, collection containers, rings and covers with a soft cloth in warm, soapy water.  Rinse completely. Automatic dishwashing is not recommended.

3. Allow all parts to air dry on a clean towel or drying rack.

2 – Set Up

Setting up your pump and personal accessories set for use:

  1. Plug in power cord into any standard electrical outlet.  Cordless model requires recharging after 2-3 hours of use.

2. Attach the other end of the power adapter to the pump.

3. Screw in dual-port filter onto the front of the pump in a clockwise motion until secured. A slight gap between filter and pump is normal.

4. Place the loose end of the tubing on each stem of the dual-port filter.

5. If you wish to pump one breast only, secure the port cap on one stem of the filter.

6. Securely install the valve on the underside of the flange.  Choose the valve that is best for you.*

7. Push the orange end of each tube into the back of each flange.

8. Secure each milk collection container by twisting it onto each flange.

*We provide two different types of valves:

  • The Duckbill Valve has been proven to provide superior suction.
  • The Offset Valve helps to better control milk seepage into the tubing

Our goal is that you can choose the flange and valve combination that brings you the best pumping experience.

3 – Pumping

Keeping your milk supply safe is important to us.  Please clean these parts before using your pump for the first time.


  • Get yourself into a comfortable relaxed position
  • Warm packs and/or gentle breast massage may help with milk production
  • Plan to pump just one breast at a time while you are learning, capping off one stem of the filter (see Set Up step #5)
  • Center the flange(s) over your nipple(s)

PUMP – Simulate Baby

  1. Turn the upper ON/OFF Speed dial clockwise to an upright position.

2. Set the lower Strength dial at a minimum setting until your milk begins to flow.

3. Always adjust to your comfort level to achieve the maximum output for your pumping session.



  • When your pumping session is complete, turn off the pump and unplug the tubing from the back of the flange(s)
  • Unscrew the breastmilk sotrage container and cap
  • Refer to the Breastmilk Storage Chart for storing information
  • Try Hygeia milk storage bags for easy compact storage.

4 – Storage & Troubleshooting

Proper storage of your breast milk is important!

For more tips, visit our YouTube channel

Replacement accessories are available through our store.

For further assistance contact Hygeia Customer Care:

M-F 7:00am to 5:00PM PST

88-PUMP-4-MOM (888-786-7466)

What is Included

Optional Accessories

These items are also available for purchase on our store.

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