Building the Best Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

We are proud to be named breast pump of the year the last eight years!

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After being named Pump of the Year for the past 6 years, Hygeia has now been showcased on ION’s TV show, “World’s Greatest” as the leader in breast pumps.

I love how convenient it is to use. It’s small, lightweight, cordless and the suction levels are great too.

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I love that it pumps effectively while I’m away from my daughter. I also love the bag and other accessories that make my pumping a lot easier.

More Stories from Real-Life Moms

It’s light and discreet so I can carry it to and from work comfortably. It works well. It’s been easy to clean.

More Stories from Real-Life Moms

The separate adjustable controls for speed and suction, this allowed me to maximize my output which was so important since I was feeding twins.

More Stories from Real-Life Moms

The Hygeia helps me have amazing output. I love the internal battery option that I purchased!

More Stories from Real-Life Moms

Which Mom are You?

First Time Mom

You’re excited, just a little nervous and learning everyday.

+1 Mom

You’re stronger, more prepared and the experience shows.

Mom of Multiples

You’re hands (and heart) are full and a little overwhelmed.

We are Proud to be Named Pump of the Year!

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

Pump of the Year

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Why Hospital-Grade Matters

All Hygeia personal, electric breast pumps have the same quality, performance and hygienic standards found in hospitals.  We know that quality is the most important thing when it comes to your baby.  Choose the best for your family.



Make the most of your pumping time with fast, easy-to-use functionality.


Hygienic & Safe

Protect yourself and your little one with hospital-grade health and safety standards.



Peace of mind for moms worried about chemicals.  Our pumps are BPA- and DEHP-free.


The Hygeia Difference



Performance and hygienic features found in hospitals


One of the “greenest” breast pumps on the market

WHO Code Compliant

We support you.  Breast milk is the normal way to feed human babies.

Lactation Consultation

Qualified referrals with trusted, local experts providing personal support


Hospital-grade performance pumps that moms can purchase or rent

BPA- and DEHP-Free

All pump parts that come in touch with breast milk are BPA- and DEHP- free


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