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First Time Moms
A proud mama with her pregnant belly.First time moms like you are excited and just a little nervous.  No matter how much research you do on the internet, with your friends, in the stacks of books you have next to your bed, you can always find one more thing to learn, to prepare for.  Our job at Hygeia is to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.  We give you the resources and support you need to have a successful pregnancy and breastfeeding experience.  Not sure about your breastfeeding options?  Or what experience is right for you and your baby?  We’re here to help.

+1 Moms

Two brothers enjoying some time togetherAs a veteran mom, you’ve just about got this thing figured out.  You’re stronger, more prepared and the experience shows. What you also know is that every child is different.  Your needs and questions change depending on the uniqueness of your littlest one.  Get help with feeding the newest addition to your family or order a few more accessories and parts for your pump.  No matter what you need today, we’re here to make sure your baby’s tomorrow is a great one.

Stay at Home Moms (SAHM)

The importance of your job cannot be put into words. You will spend countless, irreplaceable hours, full of the most precious moments with your child. Is a pump even necessary when you don’t plan to leave your child? You need a pump that is convenient and easy to use in a moment’s notice. When you overproduce or have trouble with latching? We’re there for you with resources and support. When you are spending an evening away? From a hospital-grade personal-use breast pump to breast pump accessories, we make it simple to pump conveniently and quickly, even when you aren’t in daily practice. 

Working Moms
A working mom in the city with her young daughterTake a breath.  We know you have trouble slowing down.  Working moms know how to maximize the minutes in every hour, and you need a breastfeeding experience that works right along side you.  Do what’s right for you and for your baby by working smart and efficiently. Use the best breast pump that’s going to be there for you on the run and when you find a moment of quiet time.  Need lactation advice or a quick opinion?  Our consultation connections will get you headed in the right direction quickly. Learn more.
Moms of Multiples (MOMs)
An overhead shot of twins taking a nap in their bassinet together.Each of your babies is a unique little human, even if they happen to be identical on the outside.  Figuring out what each of them need and facing each individual challenge can be a tough job.  We understand and want to help you every step of the way.  Keep your nursing station(s) stocked and ready with additional breast pump accessories and other things you might need like drinks, snacks, etc.  When it’s time to nurse or pump, make sure you’re ready with the best breast pump for all of your little ones.

Breast Pump Accessories

Shop for extra accessories and parts to maximize your efficiency and keep all things running smoothly. Hygeia accessories work with all major breast pumps on the market today.  Some moms even qualify for free accessories with insurance.