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Tonight, as I often do, I lay on the mattress on the floor by the cot (that's what it's there for) and rested my weary bones. My baby flopped down in his cot after a short protest at the injustice of being put in there and then he reached a hand through the bars to me and pulled my arm in. He opened up my hand and pulled it to his chest. "Baby" he said and pulled my hand to his lips to kiss. Then he curled his body around my hand entwined now in his. Eventually his breathing slowed and I knew he was asleep. I gently took my hand away and replaced it with a teddy. As I slipped out of the room, I heard my older baby call for me. I went into his room and he held my hand. "When I was four am I still a baby?" He whispered. "You'll be four soon and when you're four you won't be a little baby but" I started to say and he stopped me "I'm gone stay your baby even when I was four dear mama even when I was taller than you I'm gone be your baby ok can I?" I kissed him on the forehead and assured him that no matter what he'd always be my baby. I held his hand as his breathing slowed. And when I knew he was asleep I stayed a little bit longer just to hold on to my little almost four year old baby a little longer. Today he fell asleep in my arms. Something he hasn't done in a very long time. No matter how things change, or stay the same, they'll always be our babies.

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