Preemie Baby Breastfeeds



Mother’s preemie baby breastfeeds for the first time at three months old

Talk about a magical moment in the world of breastfeeding! Amy Agnew gave birth to her daughter, Olivia, at only 25 weeks developed. The tiny miracle was born the size of nothing more than a hand, but she has sustained and now, at 3 months of age, is beginning to breastfeed.

“‘It’s the little things, like when we are alone together and breastfeeding, it is really quite amazing, that was a pretty special moment doing that for the first time last week,’ Amy said.”

Olivia had emergency surgery at just 3 weeks old and her parents were told she may not survive. Amy hopes hopes to bring her daughter home from the hospital in the coming weeks. [Read more here.]




Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Talk Breastfeeding

Celebrities Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell recently shared some of their experiences and feelings on breastfeeding on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, expressing their support of one another and all mothers who breastfeed. The parents have two children. Bell has breastfed both and been a celebrity known to support normalizing breastfeeding. Shepard’s support goes a long way as well.

“She started breastfeeding our children three and a half years ago in front of almost exclusively my dude friends, I feel like,” says Shepard, 42. “The baby was always hungry when my guy pals would come over. […] So you just get over it real quick and it becomes, like, white noise.” [Read more here.]






Here Are The Best Birth Photos Of 2016

Birthing is an incredible process and often, as the parents, it is so intense you miss a lot of the magic in the moments. Because of this, some mothers choose to have photographers at their labor and delivery to capture the experience. Check out these incredible images captured in 2016 by some stellar photographers. [See pictures here.]




12 Products That Make Pregnancy Less Uncomfortable 

Pregnancy is an exciting time and it’s easier on some mothers than it is others. But even those moms who love pregnancy have to endure changing in size, uncomfortable sleep, and numerous trips to the bathroom. The good news is, pregnancy is nothing new and the common symptoms haven’t change, so clever minds have had time to come up with ways to ease the discomfort. These twelve products will help with everything from sleep, to wardrobe adjustments, to nausea. [See the list.]






The Baby Box Campaign Comes to New Jersey 

In an effort to reduce the number of infant deaths, Cooper University Hospital in New Jersey implemented a new campaign featuring a free “baby box” made of cardboard lined with a mattress. These boxes are proving to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS). New Jersey is the first state to make these boxes available for free to new parents.

Baby boxes originated in Finland and were introduced to the United States with the Baby Box Co. The concept is not to only provide a parent with the box, but also early parenting education.

“Made from sturdy cardboard, the boxes can be used as a bed for the baby until 5 or 6 months of age. The supplies include diapers, wipes, a onesie, breastfeeding supplies and other items, valued at $150.”  [Read more here.]`



8 Things No One Will Tell You About That First Postpartum Fight, But I Will

Everyone warns you life will change with parenthood, but it’s not just your routine and your body. It is also your relationships with people and how you manage them. The one that will likely change the most–and if we’re being honest, have the most added stress–is that with the father.

“There are more than a few things no one will tell you about that first postpartum fight, that I’m more than willing to divulge only because I remember that fight as if it happened yesterday. That fight was ridiculous, unnecessary, and a reminder that even in our new-parent haze of exhaustion and fear, we really and truly loved our son so much it changed who we were on a fundamental level. As both individuals and as a couple, my partner and I just weren’t the same.”

This author does not speak of a toxic fight, but a real disagreement nonetheless. So be prepared; it is bound to happen in your early days of parenthood. But know it is just a sign that you are embracing the role of parenting as you should, because you love your baby in only the best kind of way. [Read more here.]



Which of these 6 crawling styles is your baby working on?

There are so many special milestones in the first year of baby’s life that you are practically looking for the next one on a weekly basis. However, there are a few biggies that every parent takes note of: sitting up, eating solids, first words, crawling… Becoming mobile usually starts with a lot of rolling, but we envision ‘crawling’ in a very traditional sense. However, there is actually a wide array of the versions ‘crawling’ comes in for little ones–none of which or wrong.

“Crawling is pretty major in the world of baby milestones, but while there is a lot of talk about when they should start doing it, nobody really explains the right way to do it. The truth is, there is no right way.”

This article highlights six styles you are likely to see in your own baby. [Read more here.]



12 Baby Products Invented By Moms That Make Life Easier

Being a mom really brings out the superhero skills in a woman. You learn to live life doing many tasks one-handed, you multitask like a pro, and can withstand insane amounts of chaos at any given moment. Somewhere in all of that, moms develop super crafty and creative problem-solving powers that sometimes translate into great inventions. Here are a few of the products that have come directly from the minds of mamas and are now available for all parents to take advantage of and make life a little easier.` [Read more here.]






9 easy, heart-happy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids they’ll be sure to love

Whether you consider yourself a crafty parent or not, Valentine’s Day is a pretty easy holiday to center some toddler entertainment around. Just occupy your little one with making Valentine’s for their countless friends. (Seriously. Even if they have very few, a kid will gladly make cards for anyone you suggest–pets, the mailman, the bagger at the grocery story…) Obviously, there is the option to buy any of the hundreds of boxed Valentine card options, but if you are a little more crafty, this list has some extremely cute ideas. Just make sure you are stocked on lots of red, pink and purple paper.  [Read more here.]



50 Reasons Your Toddler Might Be Awake Right Now 

Terrible-twos. Threenagers. We all know the terms, and the bottom line is… toddler years can bring you to the brink of crazy at times. The same tiny humans whom you love to the moon and back can drive you bonkers as well. And there is nothing quite like bedtime to feel that pain. You are more than ready to have some peace and quiet and to be done “momming” for the day, but if those little guys don’t find every excuse under the sun to stay up and call you back for more!

Crazy times like the bedtime shenanigans are one of the many reasons why having a Mom Tribe is important–to remember you are not alone in the chaos and it is not just your kid. How many of these 50 reasons to be awake have you heard from your kid (in the past week!)?  [Read more here.]