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What Is Breastfeeding Like In Other Countries? A Look At Breastfeeding Around The World

This article explores what breastfeeding around the world looks by taking a look at six countries outside of the United States: India, Norway, France, Peru, Sierra Leone and Morocco.

“In other countries, where the amount of education, resources and/or encouragement for breastfeeding mother differs, their practices may differ as well. Here are some ways breastfeeding, and the beliefs and customs surrounding it, varies around the world.” [Read more here.]


You’ve never seen breastfeeding positions like these before

In addition to children, Carlee Benear’s three pregnancies brought her a love of yoga. Her first pregnancies saw 80 and 60 pound weight gains, triggering her pursuit of yoga. So after the 29-year-old had her third baby she got back to the yoga mats and her baby came too.

“This was my first pregnancy since my yoga journey started about two years ago,” Carlee told BabyCenter. “I enjoyed my practice so much I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to continue on this amazing path of enlightenment with life blossoming inside me. We connected on another level while we moved together.”

The connection of yoga that the two share only continues as she now practices breastfeeding yoga and some of the photos of her in action have taken the internet by storm.  [Read more here.]




“Rainbow baby” shirt honoring pregnancy loss goes viral

The term “rainbow baby” is becoming a more commonly known phrase referring to a pregnancy following a miscarriage. A special shirt worn by Autumn Tolliver was recognized by Courtney Mixon, who recently went through a miscarriage. Mixon and Tolliver were able to share and relate on their experiences. Mixon was uplifted by Tolliver’s current rainbow baby, as Mixon is sill hoping to become pregnant again. Mixon later shared the shirt on social media to bring awareness to miscarriages, still born and pregnancy loss. Tolliver’s shirt sports a rainbow colored heart on her belly that reads, “You’re looking at a rainbow.” [Read more here.]


10 Things they don’t tell you about after giving birth

Everyone is excited for you. They tell you what a wonderful mom you will be. They tell you how amazing it will be to hold that little one. They offer advice and tell you how fast they will grow, but there is A LOT they don’t tell you. They leave out the physical and emotional struggles that come in the days, weeks, and months postpartum. Here is an honest read to prepare yourself for some of the likely happenings post-pregnancy.   [Read more here.]




I’m A Good Mom (I owe it to myself to say out loud)

Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or you work full time; if you are a single mom or have a solid and extremely supportive partner, every mother gets worn down at times. Society surrounds us with so much input and information and options about parenting, there is always room for second-guessing decisions and finding failure in the job of ‘mom’. Kelly Francis shares why she found it so important (and quite OK) to tell herself she is a good mom.

“I’ve been as prone to self-deprecation as any new mother. I’ve chastised myself for being late to doctor appointments or buying the wrong sunscreen. I worry that I’m neglecting my son if I work late or allow him too much screen time. If I let him stay up past his bedtime or eat ice cream two days in a row, if I yell or curse or cry I occasionally buy into the myth that I’m falling short of some universal standard. But the truth is, I have always been a positive influence on who he is becoming. And the more I say it out loud, the better I feel about my experience as a parent.” [Read more here.]


[VIDEO] Mommy Needs a Drink

Here’s a good laugh for the “end of your week”. (We know the SAHMs out there don’t have an ‘end of the week’…) TV personalities Cat and Nat list as many reasons as they can come up for why mom needs a drink in a four minute span. Enjoy!




Hunger Cues – When do I feed baby?

Feeding babies can be a heck of a lot easier if it is done before the baby is so hungry he is crying uncontrollably. This article breaks down many of the common feeding cues for infants, including the earliest ones to help you take care of baby’s hunger sooner rather than later.  [Read more here.]



11 Moms Share What It Felt Like To See Their Partner Hold Their Baby For The First Time

As a mom, the nine month journey of pregnancy is a much different road than it is for the father. No matter their excitement or feelings about becoming a father, there is no way to relate to what carrying the child within you for every moment of a nine month period is like. For some moms, it can be hard if they fear the father isn’t bonding with baby before birth or that he isn’t engaged or excited. For others, they just want their partner to have the that physical connection. These moms share the standout memories they have of seeing their partner hold the baby for the first time at the hospital, and what it meant to them. [Read more here.]




9 Ways Toddlers Are Like Coffee

For many, parenthood and [LOTS OF!] coffee go hand-in-hand, and it really makes sense when you read this article. The two are extremely similar: the good, the bad, and the ugly. For example… both are best left alone after 7 p.m. If you are a coffee drinker, you will relate. [Read more here.]

Why I Ditched The Sleep Routine For More Snuggles

Has keeping a routine helped you adjust to parenthood? Routine works for so many parents and some studies have even proven that it helps babies and toddlers, but just as with all things in life, moderation is key. There is nothing wrong with breaking routine or even completely throwing it out the window if that is what works for you and your family. Jennifer Legra shares her experience, as a very pro-routine mother, on why she came to terms with breaking the sleep routine she’d built for her children. [Read more here.]