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This Viral Experiment Shows Breast Milk Really Does Have Superpowers 

You have probably heard that breastmilk is pretty incredible stuff, but now you can go beyond just being told research proves this. Now you can see for yourself just how amazing it is, thanks to a little science experiment conducted by Vicky Greene, who is studying biosciences at South Devon College in England. Green recently shared an image on Facebook after conducting her own little science experiment.

“The image features petri dishes that each contain a sample of the bacteria M. luteus, which the Centers for Disease Control notes is not usually considered dangerous, but can cause infections in people who have weakened immune systems — you know, like babies.”  [Read more here.]


5 Breastfeeding Red Flags That You’ll Want To Call Your Doctor About

While breastfeeding may be “natural”, that does not mean it is an easy-breezy event. In fact, the struggle that many mothers face while breastfeeding is a major reason as to why many moms do not breastfeed; it’s too challenging. If you stick to breastfeeding, whether it comes easy for you and baby or not, it is always important to closely monitor certain behaviors and details of your developing baby. There can be signs that nursing is not going as well as it should, and you should seek advice or assistance from a doctor or lactation consultant.

“In the early stages of nursing, you will want to watch your baby closely to be sure he is getting enough milk to maintain a steady level of growth.[…]You should also pay attention to your own health be sure you are not suffering from any infections which can be passed on to your baby.”

Learn these five red flags that indicate you need to call a doctor in regard to your nursing baby. [Read more here.]




Why Should You Drive Safely During Pregnancy?

Travel during pregnancy is not discouraged (at least until the final weeks… then it is advised against!), but this does not mean there aren’t tips and guidelines worth following. For starters, the further along you are in your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable travel will become. Secondly, crunching up and driving at high speeds while buckled up may not be the safest position to put your baby in.

“A research in Canada says expecting mothers are more likely to have car crashes, which does not mean you have to delegate the driving part to men. It just means you need to be careful and take all the necessary precautions while driving. The study also finds that the risk of crash decreases after the woman enters her third trimester “

This article shares reasons to be extra careful and tips on staying safe.  [Read more here.]




Best Books to Read When You’re Expecting

While the internet is flooded with pregnancy information, there can be something refreshing about an actual book. Not only can you read it a little more conveniently from any location in your house, but it can be one trusty go-to resource for your questions. The only problem is choosing which books to read and have on hand to answer questions that arise. This post includes books on everything from the nitty gritty facts, to breastfeeding, to books just for laughs that share relatable mom moments. [See book list here.]




Are You That Mom With 10,000 Pictures Of Your Baby On Your Phone? You Won’t Regret It 

A picture was once a rarity for a family to have and it later became more common to own cameras and have pictures to put together family albums. Today, any one moment can result in 20 pictures–all nearly identical. Sometimes the excessive amount of pictures we take can seem absurd, but in the case of our children, maybe it’s not crazy at all. It only takes one baby for a parent to realize how fast they grow and change. Because of this, maybe the convenience of picture-taking is a true blessing in parenting.

“Last week, I found myself missing my firstborn son who is at college now and waxing nostalgic about his first year on Earth. I grabbed his baby book, and in about three minutes, I was done reliving his entire first year. Twelve months on Earth, yet only about 50 pictures.”

Perhaps the new version of “cherish every moment” advice needs to be, “Take tons of pictures.” [Read more here.]


9 Things to Do on Sunday to Make Parenting Easier All Week

Sundays are not a favorite for many people simply because it is the day of dread when we know Monday will be the return of the usual routine. Even for a stay-at-home parent, while the weekends may still require being a parent, there is likely some mix-up in the routine. However, using Sundays for your benefit will not only make the day more enjoyable, but it will set up the entire week to run more smoothly. Try picking up some habits and/or tips from this article to make you work week flow with a little less stress. [Read more here.]



52 Things I Learned In 52 Weeks Of Parenting

While there are plenty of things all parents do not see eye-to-eye on–like feeding and sleeping habits–there are other things that all parents can relate to and agree about. It is part of the special bond of parenthood we can all share. This list is great for a laugh, even if the reality of some of these items made you cry while experiencing them.  [Read more here.]


11 Yummy & Easy Superfood Recipes for Babies & Toddlers 

Are you trying to set your child up for a more health-filled life by feeding them well from the start? Use this article for some inspiration. We’ll be honest and admit that many of these seem elaborate up front, with a lot of prep or work involved. (Especially if you are doing the designs!) However, the ingredients used in these foods are what you should pay attention to. Check the ingredient lists for some inspiration on what to add to your pantry and what foods to try pairing together.  [See ideas here.]





12 Kids’ Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Some parents head to the doctor at the first sign of a cold, but sometimes when symptoms arise that may be indications of problems or sickness, a parent waits it out or treats it at home. In many situations, this is perfectly fine and saves a parent time, hassle, and money. However, there are cases when you do not want to wait it out, as it could be detrimental to your child.

“Parents should always err on the side of caution and seek immediate medical care when they’re worried about something,” says Anita Chandra-Puri, M.D., a pediatrician at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, in Chicago, and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This article highlights 12 symptoms or situations that, should they occur, never hesitate or wait to pursue medical assistance. [Read more here.]


How Do I Discipline a Toddler Who Hits?

Toddler discipline is a very tricky task. No one wants to permanently damage their child’s psyche by being too harsh, yet no one wants to have that kid. (You know the one.) One of the harder habits to deal with is violence–like hitting. It’s an obvious no-no for a child and, even worse, other children could be on the receiving end. Therefore, it has to be dealt with, but how?

“Teaching your child not to hit requires plenty of effort, including speaking to your child in a calm and positive manner. Your own behavior can make the difference between escalating and defusing the situation.”

Follow these six steps to work toward changing your toddler’s hitting behavior. [Read more here.]