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Moms Break Down Stigma With Ethereal Breastfeeding Photos

Photographer Ivette Ivens has spent the last three years behind her lens capturing the intimate moments between mother and child. The mother of two, Ivens had her own breastfeeding experience and says she realized what a powerful thing breastfeeding is for all women.

“When I started taking these photos, I learned a lot,” Ivens said to Huffington Post. “For some women breastfeeding does not come easy, so they go an extra mile to do it. I’ve shot breastfeeding women who have diabetes, conceived their baby via a surrogate, have extremely busy work schedule, etc.” [See photos here.]




Photographer Captures the Sweet Moment When Mom Pauses to Breastfeed While in Labor

As if we didn’t already know that mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers, Maegan Doughtery’s recent delivery room photo really put it into perspective. Doughtery captured a moment when mother, Kate, was nursing her two-year-old as she prepared to give birth to a new baby girl.

“The timing ended up working out nicely. Their daughter was home with family members, and they decided to bring her to the hospital for a visit,” Dougherty, 37, tells PEOPLE. “Kate expected she might want to nurse, and she was fine with that.”  [Read more here.]






10 Great Things About Being Pregnant

Some moms love their nine month journey in pregnancy from the get-go. Other moms have a really rough start and it never gets easy. We’re here to remind those moms that even then there is something to love and be grateful for in pregnancy.  [Read more here.]


What Do Braxton Hicks Feel Like?

You may have read about or been told about “Braxton Hicks” contractions. You can expect them during your pregnancy as early as the second trimester, but what exactly does one feel like and how do you know to not be concerned that there are other issues or problems?

“Braxton Hicks (BH) contractions are “practice contractions” that tone the uterus in preparation for real labor. They don’t cause any changes to the cervix however, so they won’t cause premature labor and are totally normal and safe.” [Read more here.]




11 Ways To Stress Less and Enjoy More This Holiday Season!

A lot of people who love the holidays put so much stress on reaching certain expectations, that, without realizing it, the season becomes more of a stress fest than anything else. We want everything perfect, we want countless traditions, perfect decorations, to attend every experience and event. It can get out of control fast, and what should be a memory-filled precious time of year with your kids, suddenly becomes a dreaded season. Take note from someone who learned on how to keep your December more stress free.  [Read more here.]


17 of the best subscription gifts for kids: From babies to teens, we’ve found something for everyone

Give a gift that keeps on giving–a subscription! Subscription boxes only continue to grow in popularity and not just for adults. There are so many great options for children that you could get lost coming up with a perect idea for the kid(s) in your life. Whether you need a unique gift for a baby or a tween, this list has something that will excite that child and make them think of you every 30 days when the special package arrives.  [See subscription gift ideas here.]



The 9 Harrowing Stages of Teething Every Mom Experiences

Seeing a babe with those first teeth poking up through their bottom gums as they flash you a big grin? Priceless. Unless you are the parent. Then you know the price paid for those teeth. Lots of unrestful days and nights for you and the wee one and probably a lot of tears and drool as well. Teething is not fun, but there is no avoiding it. Prepare yourself for these nine stages.[Read more here.]


How to Raise a Low Media Child (Without Going Insane)

You likely have been told or read that too much “screen time” is not good for your child. (“Screen Time” being time a child spends in front of a television or electronic device like an tablet or phone.) However, it’s a detail easy to push aside since those screens can really seem to come in handy. And any mom can admit that she needs her child to be distracted from time to time–if for no other reason than to be able to eat a meal or fix a meal! So how do you best keep your children’s screen time at a minimum when it is such a convenience? Mama Natural’s blog has the answers.  [Read more here.]




Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Final Week Before Christmas

Are you losing steam with your Elf on the Shelf? Don’t feel bad if you thought it was great at first and now you are running out of creative or simple ideas that will impress the kids. Check out this library of videos from Channel Mum with great ideas for the last 10 days with your elf. You are sure to find some new and doable ideas your kids will love. [Find ideas here.]




Safety Tips for Children in the Kitchen

In the spirit of the holiday season, you may be spending extra time in the kitchen. As a mom, it’s probable you have little helpers at your side hoping to do their part in baking holiday goodies. It’s a good time to review some kitchen safety for kids and toddlers. Definitely encourage your children to partake in your holiday traditions, including those in the kitchen, but make sure you are keeping things safe. [Read more here.]