Preemie babies receive the best breastmilk

Research shows that mothers of prematurely born babies have higher concentrations of immune proteins in the breastmilk. What does this mean? Because these preemie babes and mothers are more prone to infection, the body reacts accordingly and the milk created is meant to help fight and prevent infection. Amazing! [Read more here.]

The number one things NOT to say to a pregnant woman

For whatever reason, there are countless uncalled for comments used continuously as “jokes” to say to preggo mamas… that are never funny to said mama. Why hasn’t the memo been received by society that these are things no mom wants to hear? Here’s your ammunition on what to say back the next time someone decides to joke around. [Read more here.]

Multitasking Moms: 16 Things you can do while breastfeeding

Sometimes a mom just wants to take in the peaceful moment with her babe while he’s nursing, Other times–when nursing seems to happen every 15 minutes–you want to feel like you’re accomplishing something else also. Take a look at this list for ideas of ways you can multitask during your next breastfeeding session.  [Read more here.]

Does dwindling milk mean it is time to wean?

If you have ever worried when your milk supply seems to change, you are not alone. The beginning can bring for some very drastic changes. When you boulder boobs suddenly stop filling up rapidly after every feeding you might wonder, is baby not getting enough milk now? Is it time to switch to formula? Is it time to wean? This is normal and there are answers. [Read more here.]

Most embarrassing pregnancy story? Try these…

Have you had your own share of embarrassing moments in your pregnancy? Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. Take a gander at a few of these stories and you’ll probably find that your silly moment wasn’t so bad. [Read more here.]

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