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Preemie baby breastfeeding photo goes viral

Seeing your baby spend its first weeks of life in the NICU is not what any mother dreams of, but when Keri Barcellos-Putt delivered her daughter Dahlia at only 28 weeks, she found a place of of hope and peace because her preemie baby was able to breastfeed earlier than expected. Keri was happy to share a photo of herself feeding Dahlia at 4 weeks old (32 weeks gestation), two to four weeks earlier than doctors predicted.

Dahlia’s 28-week birth was a miracle in itself, as Keri experienced an extremely challenging pregnancy. After being diagnosed with subchronic hematoma when she was experiencing bleeding a few weeks later at 21 week.

“At that point, the midwife that gave me the news discussed with me my options: come in the next day and take meds to put me in labor and say goodbye to my baby, or stay at home and wait until I go into labor naturally and say goodbye then,” Keri told HuffPost, noting that her hospital did not think her unborn baby would be viable until 24 weeks.

Keri’s picture was shared on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page where it received over 37,000 likes and 2,000 comments. [Read full story here.]


Shocked mom’s reaction to sex surprise caught on camera in delivery room

Anyone who has been in a delivery room during the big day knows that things said and done by a mom in labor can get wild. But no matter the shouts, demands or ridiculous questions and actions, a she is never to be judged for any of it. So the shocked expression of this mother who was told her thought to be “daughter” was in fact a “son” has gone viral. Every mom has a crazy story about something that happened during labor. A shocked expression over an unexpected sex surprise? Completely understandable and relatable! The unbelievable part is that Australian photographer Jessica Jackson (Itty Bitty Photography) caught the raw moment on camera.


Breastfeeding with a toddler around

Alongside the many joys of having a second child, every mom is full of questions and worry about how to go from handling only one kid to two–particularly when breastfeeding is involved. It can be especially hard if the older child is still at a toddler phase or recently weaned from breastfeeding. And as crafty as moms can be, finding the right solution for making breastfeeding time go smoothly for both kids, can be hard. But this mom found her golden ticket.

“As an alternative to TV time, I tried various tricks — reading, setting up a craft or snack beforehand — but nothing consistently worked, and it isn’t always easy to lay out a bunch of craft supplies when your screaming baby wants to eat right now. Finally, I went where moms always go when something needs solving: Target.”

Nicole Fabian-Weber created a “nursing box” for her 2 1/2-year-old that soon made nursing time something both kids looked forward to. [Read blog post here.]

breastfeeding with a toddler


A man’s perspective on breastfeeding

A man playing the supporting role in the breastfeeding journey has quite the journey himself in coming to see and understand something he can only play a certain role in. Before you play that supporting role in the breastfeeding relationship it can be very difficult to begin to comprehend what it involves and one father admits his naivety in a recent article on Scary Mommy.

“My assumption was that breastfeeding would be fairly simple. Women have been doing it for millenniums. Turns out I was wrong. There are a lot of physical, emotional, social, and practical aspects of breastfeeding that I never realized.”

Clint Edwards shared nine things he admits to having been completely in the dark about when it came to breastfeeding. Any man preparing to support a breastfeeding mom could benefit from Edwards’ insights. [Read blog post here.]


Beautiful and celestial breastfeeding photoshoot

Ivette Evans is an amazing photographer and mother of two. She took these two precious aspects of her life and brought them together to create an absolutely stunning photo series aimed to capture the ‘pure, beautiful, saintly and celestial’ breastfeeding is. The photos were originally part of her art show entitled “I Breastfeed My Toddler”  where she captured women breastfeeding in an array of settings reflecting that breastfeeding happens everywhere. The incredible feedback to the images have inspired Evans to publish a book titled, “Breastfeeding Goddesses.” [Read more here.]

breastfeeding photography

Photographer Ivette Evans